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16 Mar 2017 granted review for attachment 8847762 on bug 1347335.
03:38bugbotAttachment patch, 1347335_1.patch, 1347335_1.patch
03:38bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, NEW , Lifecycle of request cache begin at apache startup changed the Component on bug 1347810 from User Interface to Extensions: Needinfo. changed the Product on bug 1347810 from Bugzilla to changed the Status on bug 1347810 from UNCONFIRMED --- to RESOLVED WONTFIX.
05:48bugbotBug Extensions: Needinfo, normal, --, nobody, RESOLVED WONTFIX, 'Other' option while choosing 'need more information from' makes no sense [commenting on a bug]
06:47haikI'm guessing this is a copy-and-paste error by the submitter, but this comment looks like it has links that are not meant to be there -
06:47bugbotBug 1346649: Printing: Setup, normal, --, haftandilian, NEW , Ignore scaling Print option working opposite of expected on Mac OSX
06:51haikSo I'm wondering if it's a bug with the new bug page
06:52globhaik: it's a bug, but not related to the new ui
06:52* glob will file
06:52haikglob: thanks
06:55globhaik: well, maybe it isn't a bug. they said "[attachment1.pdf]", and when you mention an attachment by number it gets linked and the extra markup
06:56globeg. and enter just "attachment1"
06:56haikglob: should it link to attachments from other bugs?
06:57globhaik: that needs to be supported, yes
06:57globbut maybe we don't need all the extra actions in that case
07:00haikglob: OK, makes sense now
07:01bugbotNew Bug Creation/Editing bug 1347822 filed by
07:01bugbotBug Bug Creation/Editing, normal, --, nobody, NEW , references in comments to attachments on other bugs shouldn't be augmented with actions
07:02haikglob: not that I'd recommend changing it at this point, but a user typing in attachment1 is probably never going to mean to link to the first ever attachment in the database :)
07:02globhaik: probably, but that's a hard line to draw
07:04haikglob: agree
07:04globhaik: thanks for pointing that out
07:04haikglob: np, thanks for taking a look
16:19bugbotNew General bug 1347980 filed by
16:19bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Serve different robots.txt on domains
20:19wsmwktoday seems to be spam in a can day
17 Mar 2017
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