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12 Sep 2017
13:07bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 235: requested review from for attachment 8906884 on bug 1398889.
13:10bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, github pull request, 235.patch
13:10bugbotBug Email Notifications, normal, --, dylan, NEW , Add param 'silent_users' that never trigger sending bugmail
13:45bugbutlerglobau reviewed pull request 235:
14:12bugbutlermhoye opened new pull request:
15:15bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 236:
15:18bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 236:
15:19bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 235:
17:03bugbutlerdarkwing reviewed pull request 230:
17:05bugbutlerdklawren closed pull request:
17:05bugbutlerdarkwing pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
21:35bugbotNew Administration bug 1399257 filed by
21:35bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Please create AWFY and AWSY components in the Testing Product
21:36bugbotNew Administration bug 1399258 filed by
21:36bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Request Email-less mass change of Priority field for necko bugs
13 Sep 2017
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