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12 Jul 2017
10:39bugbotNew Search bug 1380277 filed by
10:39bugbotBug Search, normal, --, nobody, NEW , "Search" text in "Search" button is not centered vertically in "Advanced Search"
10:43bugbotNew Search bug 1380280 filed by
10:43bugbotBug Search, normal, --, nobody, NEW , "Words:" text is not centered vertically in "Instant Search" changed the Component on bug 1380260 from Bugzilla-General to Administration. changed the Product on bug 1380260 from Bugzilla to
11:49bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Request permission to set tracking flag
13:04bugbotNew Infrastructure bug 1380308 filed by
13:04bugbotBug Infrastructure, normal, --, dylan, NEW , push updated live changed the Status on bug 1380308 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
13:38bugbotBug Infrastructure, normal, --, dylan, RESOLVED FIXED, push updated live
13:42dylanjcristau: that bug is fixed now, btw
13:42jcristaudylan: that was fast, thanks :)
14:35bugbotNew Bug Creation/Editing bug 1380336 filed by
14:35bugbotBug Bug Creation/Editing, normal, --, dylan, NEW , Regression: autosize() is not loaded on new-bug
14:38bugbotNew Bug Creation/Editing bug 1380337 filed by
14:38bugbotBug Bug Creation/Editing, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Move "Create Bug" button to the right, and etiquette link to the left requested review from for attachment 8885751 on bug 1380064.
15:14bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, PR, file_1380064.txt
15:14bugbotBug Sandstone/Mozilla Skin, normal, --, umohm12, NEW , Remove references to Mozilla skin to prevent problems when default preferences are changed
15:36bugbotNew User Interface: Modal bug 1380350 filed by
15:36bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, minor, --, nobody, NEW , invalid html - missing space before "required" attribute
15:37bugbotNew General bug 1380352 filed by
15:37bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, NEW , Comment box should be vertically resizable (and not horizontally resizable) requested review from sebastinssanty@gmai for attachment 8885765 on bug 1380350.
15:44bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, PR, file_1380350.txt
15:44bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, minor, --, dylan, ASSIGNED , invalid html - missing space before "required" attribute granted review for attachment 8885765 on bug 1380350.
15:59bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, PR, file_1380350.txt
15:59bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, minor, --, dylan, ASSIGNED , invalid html - missing space before "required" attribute changed the Status on bug 1380350 from ASSIGNED --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
16:28bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, minor, --, dylan, RESOLVED FIXED, invalid html - missing space before "required" attribute cancelled review?( for attachment 8871421 on bug 1366143.
16:44bugbotAttachment patch, 1366143_8.patch, 1366143_8.patch
16:44bugbotBug Sandstone/Mozilla Skin, normal, P1, dylan, NEW , Fix alignment of select boxes
17:39bzWas there a recent change to disallow vertical resizing of the comment textarea?
17:39bzAnd if so, why?
17:39bz5 lines is really not enough to do anything useful.
17:41dylanit can be made bigger by default too, but it will expand if you're replying to a big thing or you hit enter
17:41bzThat's .... not helpful
17:41bzFirst of all, it does not expand enough
17:42bzsecond of all, why are you disallowing vertical resize to start with?
17:42dylanthat's an unfortunate misfeature of the js library that implements that
17:43bzOK. Would you like a bug?
17:43bzBecause this is basically unusable.
17:43bugbotBug 1380352: General, normal, P3, nobody, NEW , Comment box should be vertically resizable (and not horizontally resizable)
17:43bzIts maximal size is 4-5x too small for my need right this second.
17:43dylanbased on that I'll make that a P1 and fix it today.
17:43* bz really wishes we didn't try to do smart things here, actually
17:44bzIt's really disconcerting to have UI jumping around on me as I type. :(
17:44dylanper comment #1: "We should probably also turn off ('destroy') the autosizer on the text area if it is ever manually resized (this seems to be the behaviour of github and similar sites)."
17:44dylanand I can add a pref to turn it off while I'm at it
17:45bzSweet, thanks!
17:47bugbotNew User Interface: Modal bug 1380389 filed by
17:47bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, normal, --, umohm12, NEW , autosize comments should be a user pref (default: on)
18:22bugbotNew General bug 1380407 filed by
18:22bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, NEW , Make elasticsearch ircnick checks consider numbers to be valid too
18:25bugbotNew General bug 1380408 filed by
18:25bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, NEW , elasticsearch user completion should consider people with multiple ircnicks
19:29zombiedylan: (from yesterday) so i need to add to the CC list from the splinter review page without navigating away. can i do that easily via simple XHR, or do i need to resort to the bugzilla rest api?
19:31dylanyou can do a simple XHR that includes BUGZILLA.api_token
19:33zombieso, POST to "process_bug.cgi" with fields "id" of the bug, "cc" to add, and "api_token" from BUGZILLA js var
19:34dylanI mean, an XHR to rest api
19:34dylanone sec and I'll find the query
19:35dylanseban: if you're still awake, did we extract bugzilla_ajax() to util.js yet?
19:35sebanNot yet
19:35dylanthere a bug for it?
19:37sebanYes and No. It was mentioned in one of the bugs of new-bug but apparently oversaw that.
19:38dylanzombie: we'll get this added to util.js, and then you can just do:
19:39dylanreplacing BUGZILLA.user.login with whatever
19:40dylanseban: hmm, any argument against adding bugzilla_ajax() to global.js?
19:40dylanit seems like we'd literally want it available all the time
19:42bugbotNew General bug 1380437 filed by
19:42bugbotBug General, normal, --, sebastinssanty, NEW , Add bugzilla_ajax() to global.js (and remove from bug_modal.js)
19:43zombiedylan: thank you
19:44sebandylan: no
13 Jul 2017
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