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27 Apr 2017
00:25bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
00:35bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
00:37bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
02:12bugbotNew Administration bug 1360066 filed by
02:12bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Make the Release Status flags for FFx56 and FFx57 editable by the relman group
02:16bugbotNew Administration bug 1360067 filed by
02:16bugbotBug Administration, normal, P1, nobody, NEW , Create a quantum-flow-drivers group
02:26bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
03:12bugbotNew Administration bug 1360071 filed by
03:12bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Create a photon-drivers-group
03:25bugbotNew Administration bug 1360080 filed by
03:25bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Consolidate Firefox Sync Bugs
05:12bugbutlerdylanwh closed pull request: changed the Status on bug 1350698 from NEW --- to RESOLVED WORKSFORME.
12:46bugbotBug Email Notifications, normal, --, nobody, RESOLVED WORKSFORME, bugzilla stopped sending request reminder emails/e-mails nagmail marked bug 1350698 as a duplicate of bug 1347175.
12:52bugbotBug Email Notifications, normal, --, nobody, VERIFIED DUPLICATE, bugzilla stopped sending request reminder emails/e-mails nagmail
12:52bugbotBug Extensions: RequestNagger, critical, P1, dylan, RESOLVED FIXED, Request Nagger not sending emails due to DST change and impossible date math
13:06Aryxlooks like gravatar is having a bad time
13:12dylanAryx: would it be beneficial to turn those off for the time being?
13:13dylanhmm, gravatar is working for me
13:19Aryxdylan: it's now working again. was just confused why bmo tabs took so long to load
13:23Aryxand issue is back
17:57bugbotNew Administration bug 1360288 filed by
17:57bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Merge "Android Background Services" into "Firefox for Android"
18:21bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 5 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
18:34bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 3 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
18:51bugbutlerfloatingatoll closed pull request:
18:56bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 62:
27 Apr 2017
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