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8 Aug 2017
13:53cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #144: building mozilla/balrog:master-21355e3a19f7a389e23e9c873e9e218f95d0f2d2
14:03cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #144: mozilla/balrog:master-21355e3a19f7a389e23e9c873e9e218f95d0f2d2 deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
17:30203A92MTRbalrog-admin #175: building master-a10b66786774262397a51e77931525ea2c0cbbdc
17:42cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #175: master-a10b66786774262397a51e77931525ea2c0cbbdc deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
17:43cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #145: mozilla/balrog:master-a10b66786774262397a51e77931525ea2c0cbbdc deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
20:30ex-devHi guys!
20:32ex-devHey, ~bhearsum, how you doing?
20:37aksareenhey ex-dev. LTNS.
20:38aksareenbhearsum: posted the final PR
20:38ex-devHey, aksareen, how you doing?
20:39aksareenex-dev: pretty good. just finished migrating all the admin APIs to swagger
20:40aksareenwhat about you ?
20:42ex-devI'm testing a smartphone APP, in my work IRC is blocked
20:46bhearsumaksareen: \o/ exciting!
20:49ex-devi lost connection...
20:50bhearsumhey ex-dev, welcome back
20:50ex-devThanks! I'm testing an IRC APP haha
20:53ex-devI came ask about #360, if we make api compilant with swagger or keep incompatible for now.
20:56bhearsumex-dev: to be honest, i'm still not sure
20:57bhearsumi'm hoping to have an answer sometime this week
20:57bhearsumi've been distracted with a couple of other things
20:58ex-devaksareen, you comment about tests, tests did not broke because public api does not have requests with post body..
20:59ex-devI realize that if we make the public api swagger compatible, we will not can reuse models
21:00ex-devAh, OK, no problem.
21:02bhearsumsorry for the delay there
21:02aksareenex-dev: saw the comment. Replied back on the PR
21:07bhearsumthanks for hashing that out folks :)
21:07bhearsumi'm going to head out now, i'll try to find time to weigh in tomorrow
21:08ex-devaksareen: I see, the publi api does not cross to admin api, it use endpoints planned to be common between both, but only for "get" operations.
21:10aksareenex-dev: since only rules and release API groups are being used and none of the scheduled changes APIs , it seems this will work just fine since most of scheduled_changes APIs required nullable fields in almost all GET,POST and DELETE operations.
21:13ex-devaksareen: Ah, yes, I know
21:13ex-devaksareen: I'll try what you or ben commented. Duplicate the response models for the public api, I think that there is no problem. I'll ask about that later
9 Aug 2017
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