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7 Sep 2017
11:50ichatHi all I am trying to figure out why lineman spec-ci does not really run on y system, it always terminates with the this message
13:38ObinnaHi all I am trying to figure out why lineman spec-ci does not really run on y system, it always terminates with the this message
13:55bhearsumcan you paste the full output (all the way from the start of the command) -- there's nothing in that paste that looks like an error
13:59ObinnaHeres the full report
14:07bhearsumhmmm, nothing obvious in there
14:07bhearsumdoes it work if you run it on the master branch?
14:12ObinnaNo. It doesnt
14:12ObinnaSame story
14:15bhearsumstrange - i'm not sure what's going on
14:19ObinnaI tried intalling tox and running the test it runs and all the test pass
14:21ObinnaBut when I push, taskcluster reports that a test fail.
14:34bhearsumsorry, i don't have any ideas at the moment =\
14:39ObinnaOkay Thanks for your time bhearsum
14:45allan-silvaHey folks!
14:49allan-silvabhearsum, do you see any problem to limit a test case with hypothesis only to use ascii chars? Hypothesis uses unicode by default and we does not have handle for unicode in QueryParameters (only in path parameters).
14:53njiraphi bhearsum
14:58njirapI am working on
14:59njirapthe Insert email content are got from the insert query made which does not include the ID here
15:00njiraphow can I havest the rule_id after insert so I add it to
15:00njirapthanks in advance
16:15bhearsumallan-silva: either is probably fine, but it doesn't hurt to ensure we handle unicode correctly
16:30allan-silvabhearsum, Oh yeah, I'm helping Rajesh with hypothesis in #384.
16:33allan-silvaDo you think #384(bug 1379285) is a good to handle unicode in query parameters too?
16:34bhearsumallan-silva: yeah, i think we should do that if it's not too much trouble
16:34njirapbhearsum happy to report I found my way..
16:35njirapwhat a learning experience
16:35bhearsumsorry i couldn't reply earlier, it's a very busy week here
16:35njirapthe backend is really complex
16:36njirapPR is up my first PR of 2017 hehe
16:36njirapcheers and thanks!
16:36bhearsumallan-silva: do you want to look at njira's PR, too?
16:37bhearsumreviews from me are going to be a bit delayed for a bit
16:37njirapok bhearsum I will look through the other PRs as well
16:38bhearsumthat'd be great, thanks
16:39allan-silvaSure, I'm finishing the review of #380 then I start review.
19:23cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #168: building mozilla/balrog:master-8e06721612f8cd971c9c6df4b8f4072951326a31
19:23cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #168: failed in build step /cc relud
19:24relud^ that was me
19:24reludtesting a logging update
19:39reludmore of the same coming
19:41cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #169: failed in build step /cc relud
19:43cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #170: building mozilla/balrog:master-8e06721612f8cd971c9c6df4b8f4072951326a31 S
19:43cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #170: failed in build step /cc relud
19:45cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #171: building mozilla/balrog:master-8e06721612f8cd971c9c6df4b8f4072951326a31
19:52cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #197: master-8e06721612f8cd971c9c6df4b8f4072951326a31 deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
19:54reludbhearsum: i'll be out all next week. please refer to miles if you need anything
19:55cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #171: mozilla/balrog:master-8e06721612f8cd971c9c6df4b8f4072951326a31 deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
19:55bhearsumwill do, thanks for the heads up
20:02allan-silvaI got same Obinna problem right now. (problems to start ui)
20:02allan-silva"sudo rm -rf ui/node_modules/" fix for me.
20:08bhearsumallan-silva: oh, nice find
20:08bhearsumi wonder what caused it
20:08bhearsumhopefully obinna will stop by tomorrow and we can let him/her know
20:28allan-silvaMaybe an incomplete download, can be causes this
20:31bhearsumah, could be
8 Sep 2017
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