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21 Apr 2017
13:11ninad101Hi bhearsum. How is it going?
13:11bhearsumi'm doing ok, still pretty busy with this Dawn project though
13:11bhearsumhow're you doing?
13:12ninad101Dawn project?
13:12ninad101I am doing fine. My end semester exams got over today so finally free after a long time
13:32bhearsumDawn is our migration of the Dev Edition builds to Beta
13:33bhearsumhow'd your exams go?
13:34ninad101exam were fne
13:41bhearsumglad to hear it
14:21cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #69: building mozilla/balrog:master-cb63e88011a1aa2954ae94cd336b9103d392c90f
14:33cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #69: mozilla/balrog:master-cb63e88011a1aa2954ae94cd336b9103d392c90f deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:34cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #100: master-cb63e88011a1aa2954ae94cd336b9103d392c90f deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:40cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #70: building mozilla/balrog:master-a719c7991ccb7c8a4cf9aaef71bb6195848e6a20
14:47cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #70: web in stage failed /cc relud
14:49cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #101: admin in stage failed /cc relud
17:14cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #71: building mozilla/balrog:master-7a345d3a4b57a8922a470b92f9e835bf40869d62
17:21cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #71: web in stage failed /cc relud
17:23cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #102: admin in stage failed /cc relud
22 Apr 2017
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