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20 Apr 2017
17:00koyexesbhearsum, In relation to the bug , after making changes at the backend to ensure that the ScheduledChangeNewRuleForm data gets saved in the rules table before its being scheduled for change, which in return displays the rule_id, i keep encountering this error Bad input: Cannot schedule change for duplicate PK when i try to update the scheduled change with insert change_type.
17:01milesfyi: I am relud for the next ten days
17:01bhearsummiles: okay!
17:02bhearsumkoyexes: sorry, i'm not able to help with balrog stuff today - if you open a PR or e-mail i can probably respond tomorrow
21:21mostlygeekmiles: "sent_bytes > 42 and url not like '%avast=1%'"
21:25bhearsumstart time 21:53 UTC april 19th
21:25bhearsumend time 20:20 UC april 20th
21:59milesbhearsum: SELECT count(*) from balrog_elb_logs_part WHERE URL LIKE '%/Firefox/%/WINNT%/release%' and sent_bytes > 42 and url NOT LIKE '%avast=1%' and request_timestamp between '2017-04-19T21:50:00.000000Z' and '2017-04-20T20:20:00.000000Z'; => 100213549
22:04catleeThat feels high
22:04catleeWhat's our dau?
22:04bhearsumcareful, this is a public channel
22:05milesyeah for the real number square root it and then cube it
22:05milesand then subtract DAU
22:05miles /s but also sorry - that was my bad
21 Apr 2017
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