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18 Apr 2017
16:31i-chatI am trying to figure out how the package files here are chosen for generating sha values given that pypi sometimes list out more than one file types for the same package even on the same platform?
16:32bhearsumi-chat: those come from
16:32bhearsumwe need to list the hashes for all available packages, because we don't know which one any given "pip" invocation will get
16:38i-chatbhearsum, I was a bit confused as for example, I found out that for enum34==1.1.6 whenever I run pip download enum34==1.1.6 and generate sha for it, its not listed in the requirement-test.txt but the two listed there were for other file types listed in pypi
16:38bhearsumi-chat: it's possible that we missed one for enum34
16:39bhearsumthat was a sha256 hash you generated locally?
19 Apr 2017
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