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17 Apr 2017
13:04bhearsumg'day folks
13:08aksareenG'day bhearsum
13:08aksareenHow's it going ?
13:09bhearsumdoing very well, how are you/
13:09aksareenI'm doing just fine
13:50cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #68: building mozilla/balrog:master-4adca7d7ecba3108b37ad768b16a4c968a0a392b
14:02cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #99: master-4adca7d7ecba3108b37ad768b16a4c968a0a392b deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:03cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #68: mozilla/balrog:master-4adca7d7ecba3108b37ad768b16a4c968a0a392b deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
17:51atyagiI'm not able to see the logs when I run tox on individual files and in case all the tests pass .. How can I still see the logs even if all the tests pass ?
18:31bhearsumyou might be able to fiddle with logging setup to do that
18:31bhearsumsorry i can't help much right now, i've been sucked into an urgent project
18:34atyagithat's fine .. thanks anyways. :)
19:33mostlygeekbhearsum: got a min for a quick vidyo?
19:37bhearsummostlygeek: not a great day for it, i'm pretty bogged down with Dawn work
19:37bhearsumwhat's it about? i might be able to find someone to help you
19:39mostlygeekbhearsum: wanted to ask about build/task cluster stuff
19:40mostlygeeklike when we make a binary what build info do we bake in
19:40mostlygeekand if there's a link back to the tc job
19:41bhearsummostlygeek: specifically for releases? or CI?
19:41bhearsumactually, either way i'd ask in #releng
19:41mostlygeekfor any of our builds
19:42mostlygeekahh ok thanks , anybody specific i should ask
19:45bhearsummaybe callek
18 Apr 2017
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