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12 Oct 2017
00:06bhearsumwe're almost halfway through submitting OS X updates and balrog admin is still very bored
00:07bhearsumif everything is still looking good in 15min i'm going to head out and pop back in again later
00:08cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #5: master-ecb6110ec6b51ce43047af6c36241397392b21b6 DEV COMPLETE
00:08bhearsumgo dev!
00:09cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #7: master-ecb6110ec6b51ce43047af6c36241397392b21b6 DEV STARTED
00:11reludbhearsum: awesome! v happy to have prod admin doing well
00:12cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #7: master-ecb6110ec6b51ce43047af6c36241397392b21b6 DEV COMPLETE
00:13reluddev fully working!
00:15cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #232: building v2.41-real
00:16relud^ i kicked it, should work this time *fingers crossed*
00:17bhearsumquite a lot of progess made today
00:19reludv2.41-real made it to deploy on admin. :D calling it a day
00:20bhearsumsounds good to me!
00:20bhearsumthanks for all your hard work
00:23cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #232: v2.41-real deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
08:25babyswizzIs it ok to pick another bug while waiting for reviews on PR raised for another
13:53Callekbhearsum: woa, that screenshot in your mail is wonderful!
13:57Callekbhearsum: one question, how does ordering work with scheduled changes in main rule UI, if the priority changes (and would cause reorder)
13:58bhearsumCallek: the current priority takes precedence
13:58Callekok, thanks.
13:58bhearsumfor rules that are scheduled inserts, we'll place it based on the scheduled change's priority
14:00Callekbhearsum: consider my e-mail about the UX extremely amplified now, my only outstanding desire is that the scheduled changes view also show the diff (<s color=&quot;red&quot;>foo</s> <span color=&quot;green&quot;>bar</span>), and not just end result.
14:00CallekI&#39;m not certain I have a use case for that view yet, but I&#39;ve used it as a &quot;is there anything to signoff&quot; before, as well as for easy links to &quot;hey, can you signoff...&quot;
14:00bhearsumyeah, that&#39;s a fair point
14:01bhearsumwould you mind filing that bug? it&#39;s probably not that difficult now that the rules view has it
14:05babyswizzHi bhearsum
14:05bhearsumhi babyswizz, how&#39;s it going?
14:06Callekbhearsum: Bug 1408002
14:06bhearsumCallek: thanks!
14:07babyswizzgood here, hope its ok i pick another bug while waiting for reviews on PR raised for anither bug?
14:08bhearsumbabyswizz: actually, i think i need to ask you to hold off for now...i&#39;ve been a bit overwhelmed by all of the good work you Andela folks have been doing lately, and i can&#39;t keep up with the PRs :(
14:10bhearsumthere should be some more stuff upcoming in the next few weeks once i&#39;m caught back up and some upcoming projects are spec&#39;ed out a bit better
14:10babyswizzbhearsum: ok
14:10bhearsumsorry about that, we really do appreciate how eager you are and the work you do
14:11babyswizzbhearsum: I understand
15:41cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #8: master-faf0379d90570ccbab39de5229362c927822e196 DEV STARTED
15:44cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #8: master-faf0379d90570ccbab39de5229362c927822e196 DEV COMPLETE
15:46cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #8: master-faf0379d90570ccbab39de5229362c927822e196 DEV COMPLETE
17:11cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #9: master-5f609a50e1f6d417186b54998e2423331cf932d2 DEV STARTED
17:12cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #9: master-5f609a50e1f6d417186b54998e2423331cf932d2 DEV FAILED
17:22cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #9: master-5f609a50e1f6d417186b54998e2423331cf932d2 DEV FAILED
13 Oct 2017
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