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12 Jul 2017
19:54bhearsummiles: if you have a chance today or tomorrow, would you mind having a look at i'm a bit concerned it might be influencing issues like
19:56milesbhearsum: looking into it
20:05bhearsumthanks :)
20:12milesbhearsum: re: waiting conns in nginx, i don't think they should be an issue
20:12milesi think they're just keepalive conns
20:27bhearsummiles: ah, okay
20:28milesbut i'm not sure what the actual issue is
20:28milesi can kick openresty/nginx again though
20:28bhearsumi'm still a bit surprised to see them...i don't think we have anything long lived that would keep the connections open...
20:28bhearsumi think it's probably OK to leave it for now - we might get better data if it actually fails again
20:29mileserm i kicked it
20:29milessorry, ha
20:29milesi'm curious to see if this pattern repeats
20:29bhearsumhah, no worries
20:29bhearsumyeah, me too
20:29bhearsumwe have releases tomorrow, so i'd expect a larger jump than it took today
20:32bhearsumthanks for looking at that - i appreciate it
13 Jul 2017
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