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11 Sep 2017
13:32cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #172: building mozilla/balrog:master-47dd147b08ca308442915debea5018139751c5b3
13:43cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #198: master-47dd147b08ca308442915debea5018139751c5b3 deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
13:43cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #172: mozilla/balrog:master-47dd147b08ca308442915debea5018139751c5b3 deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:25cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #199: building master-814a66e17b57f522a1259da4052cc6bc5cb8311e
14:34cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #200: building master-4a6ba21bad6b2278deb3381801c3755708e77a38
14:35cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #173: mozilla/balrog:master-814a66e17b57f522a1259da4052cc6bc5cb8311e deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:36cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #199: master-814a66e17b57f522a1259da4052cc6bc5cb8311e deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:39glassercLooking at, what's the intent of this sort of thing? I see it in a few places. Is it meant to whitelist fields, or to serve as a place whereby we could rename fields if we wanted to, or what?
14:41bhearsumi think there was a point in time where some things differed in that mapping
14:43bhearsumthere's probably no good reason to maintain those anymore
14:44glassercOK, it's easy to remove them, want me to do that as a separate PR or should I roll it into the changes I'm making for the other thing?
14:45cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #200: master-4a6ba21bad6b2278deb3381801c3755708e77a38 deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:45bhearsumi'm good with either
14:45cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #174: mozilla/balrog:master-4a6ba21bad6b2278deb3381801c3755708e77a38 deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
14:47glassercGreat, thanks
14:47bhearsumno problem, thank you!
14:48bhearsumfresh eyes are so great for finding silly things like that
14:48glassercIf we do want to put in a renaming thing, I'd probably use a serialization library like Marshmallow
14:50bhearsumoh that's neat, i'd not heard of it
15:15bhearsumallan-silva: do you think that has any value left?
15:19allan-silvabhearsum, No, is the same as #384 merged today, and there is no relevant test cases.
15:20bhearsumalright, i'll close it
15:20bhearsumthanks for shepperding both of those along
15:30bhearsumcollin5: nice to see you're PRs getting merged today!
15:31bhearsumhopeaz: you've made great progress as well - i'm excited for the new & improved permissions ui
15:31collin5bhearsum: Thanks :)
15:36cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #175: building mozilla/balrog:master-87befd5fa347fbcdaff1acf479777776e8a58c2e
15:40hopeazbhearsum: Thanks :)
15:40bhearsumObinna: looks like you've got a patch merging today too :)
15:40bhearsumhopeaz: you're welcome...thank you too!
15:46cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #175: mozilla/balrog:master-87befd5fa347fbcdaff1acf479777776e8a58c2e deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
15:51Obinnapatch merging? I dont get
15:51cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #202: building master-d869d9a893bc69a1492b41273f9d3da75f57d15a
15:51203BABH9Obalrog-web #176: building mozilla/balrog:master-d869d9a893bc69a1492b41273f9d3da75f57d15a
15:52hhhh1612bhearsum: np for closing pull request :)
15:52cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #176: failed in build step /cc relud
15:53hhhh1612I am a student, I am learning
16:05milesbhearsum: rebuilding that failed build
16:06cloudops-ansiblebalrog-admin #202: master-d869d9a893bc69a1492b41273f9d3da75f57d15a deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
16:08cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #177: building mozilla/balrog:master-d869d9a893bc69a1492b41273f9d3da75f57d15a
16:13allan-silvabhearsum, just to confirm, when backgroundRate is, for instance, 25, does that mean 25% of requests will get the release configured in fallbackMapping?
16:14allan-silvaII itend to use it in, as a additional info when throtle is configured
16:15allan-silva*I intend
16:17cloudops-ansiblebalrog-web #177: mozilla/balrog:master-d869d9a893bc69a1492b41273f9d3da75f57d15a deployed to stage /cc relud bhearsum
16:20bhearsumhhhh1612: no problem
16:20bhearsummiles: thanks for that
16:20bhearsumObinna: patch merging means your pull request was accepted and merged to the main repository
16:21ObinnaOh great Thanks
16:21bhearsumallan-silva: the opposite actually - when backgroundRate is 25%, only 25% of the requests get the mapping - the other 75% get fallbackMapping
16:21bhearsumObinna: thank you :)
16:25allan-silvaAh, OK. Thanks
16:27hhhh1612bheasrsum : I like both js and python and want to choose 1 :/
16:28bhearsumhhhh1612: i'm just heading into a meeting now - can i get back to you in ~1h?
16:29hhhh1612yep thanks!
17:48bhearsumhhhh1612: hey, sorry for the delay
17:49bhearsumhow about ?
17:50hhhh1612just want to make clear things first
17:50hhhh16121. do I need to know everything before taking a bug
17:52hhhh1612my problem is I am a good coder but I am not familiar with all those things,
17:52bhearsumyou definitely don't need to know everything about balrog before taking a bug
17:52bhearsumit's expected that you'll need to do some learning while you fix it
17:53hhhh1612bhearsum: yep like before taking the first bug, I did not know a word about balrog, then after struggling a bit, I read some documentation,
17:54hhhh1612and now I know a bit
17:54hhhh1612But then docker issue
17:55hhhh1612stopped me from further exploring ... :/
17:56bhearsumyeah, it would be good to get that fixed
17:56bhearsumwe can try to help you work through it
17:57hhhh1612Yeah ! I felt like I am only in this world who suffers with such issues I want to conquer it and even more !
17:57bhearsumyou're definitely not the only person with docker issues :)
17:57bhearsumhow about this: let's assign the bug above to you, and tomorrow we can try to work through your docker issues and get you started
17:58hhhh1612yeah! that will be great also I need some pointers to explore everything about balrog and how it works ..
17:59bhearsumif you haven't already, give a read - it should help explain some of the concepts
18:00hhhh1612yeah that documentation is cool ,also what I am expected to know in python ,and devs-ops etc...
18:00hhhh1612to understand things more clear
18:01bhearsumfor backend work, python should be enough. for frontend work, it's js/html/css
18:01hhhh1612yeah I already know it well..
18:02hhhh1612bhearsum: I use python in competitive programming :P
18:02hhhh1612in timed contests
18:02hhhh1612that when I started to like it
18:03hhhh1612Above it should I consider some projects ..
18:04bhearsumah, cool. you should do well then
18:05bhearsumi've got to focus on some other things right now - i look forward to talking again tomorrow, though
18:05hhhh1612cool :)
12 Sep 2017
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