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11 Jul 2017
12:52bhearsumg'day folks
13:06aksareengday bhearsum
13:14bhearsumhey, how goes?
13:44aksareenfine I guess. finally graduated. back home right now
13:49bhearsumcongrats! are you happy to not have to worry about exams anymore?
14:51aksareenyeah. Though in hindsight, they weren't that difficult to be worried about in first place
15:23aksareenbhearsum: when scheduling a new rule, does the post API operation verify whether the input alias already matches with an existing alias in DB . AFAIK when creating a new rule that check happens here :
15:26aksareenIf there's no check then say agent tries to enact two s.c. for creating new rules with same alias. therefore, at least one of them will definitely fail continuously.
15:32bhearsumjust to clarify: i think you're saying that you could schedule two new rules for creation with the same alias, and whichever gets enacted 2nd will continually fail?
16:07aksareenbhearsum: yeah
16:07bhearsumyeah...that sounds like a real bu
16:08bhearsumprobably we need to look at current rules + scheduled changes when validating rule scheduled changes
18:57mib_rdz781Hi everyone :)
18:57mib_rdz781I am newbie here
18:57mib_rdz781I want to start to contribute mozilla and I decide to start from this project
18:58mib_rdz781I want to start from:
19:04bhearsumhi mib_rdz781, nice to meet you
19:12mib_rdz781hey :)
19:12mib_rdz781I have problem with start project
19:12mib_rdz781I typed docker-compose up in terminal
19:12mib_rdz781and after hmm... 5 minutes I got error
19:13mib_rdz781ERROR: for balrogui Container "5dfdd8d1e647" is unhealthy.
19:13mib_rdz781balrog_balrogdb_1 is up-to-date balrog_balrogpub_1 is up-to-date balrog_balrogadmin_1 is up-to-date ERROR: for balrogui Container "5dfdd8d1e647" is unhealthy. ERROR: for balrogagent Container "5dfdd8d1e647" is unhealthy. ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.
19:13bhearsumah, i think i know what's happening...
19:13bhearsumtry this:
19:14bhearsum1) change to "python scripts/ -d mysql://balrogadmin:balrogadmin@balrogdb/balrog --version 24 create"
19:14bhearsum2) rm -rf .cache
19:14bhearsum3) docker-compose up
19:17mib_rdz781It didn't work ;/
19:18bhearsumsame error still?
19:18mib_rdz781yep, I checked 2 times
19:18bhearsumok, can you paste the full output from docker-compose up?
19:19mib_rdz781wait, I tried after 10 seconds and something happend :D
19:20mib_rdz781sec, it build smth
19:37bhearsumany luck?
19:49mib_rdz781now It seems like terminal can't go further
19:50mib_rdz781File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/aiohttp/", line 331, in connect balrogagent_1 | .format(key, exc.strerror)) from exc balrogagent_1 | aiohttp.errors.ClientOSError: [Errno -2] Cannot connect to host balrogadmin:7070 ssl:False [Can not connect to balrogadmin:7070 [Name or service not known]]
19:50bhearsumcan you please paste the entire output (from the start of "docker-compose up")? it's hard to say anything definitive without it
19:50mib_rdz781it will be big
19:51bhearsumuse a gist if necessary :)
19:51mib_rdz781ach, ok!
20:02bhearsumok, that's actually not too bad!
20:02bhearsumit looks like you probably had an issue installing node packages when you first tried to start things
20:02bhearsumi would recommend rm -rf ui/node_modules, and then running docker-compose again
20:02bhearsumnpm can be very flakey :(
20:03mib_rdz781okay! let's try!
20:03bhearsumthanks for your patience with this
20:03mib_rdz781I want to help
20:03mib_rdz781mozilla :)
20:03mib_rdz781so, np
20:11mib_rdz781OK. It works!
20:11mib_rdz781thanks you very much!
20:17bhearsumyou're able to access http://localhost:8080 and http://localhost:9090 ?
20:19mib_rdz7818080 is ready
20:20mib_rdz781but 9090 give me small information about xml, but works :)
20:20mib_rdz781could you help me to understand
20:20bhearsumyep, that's what it should look like :)
20:22bhearsumthe best way to understand this request is to have a look at http://localhost:8080/rules
20:22bhearsumtry changing the drop down filter to "Firefox,release"
20:23bhearsumyou should see that there's two pages of results there
20:24mib_rdz781ok, but how page size corelate with this?
20:25bhearsum"page size" in this context means "the number of rules shown on each page"
20:25bhearsumbecause those rules are spread over two pages, it can make it more difficult for users to make sense of them sometimes
20:25bhearsumso the idea is that we add a drop down that lets people select how many rules per page they want
20:25mib_rdz781dropdown with 'how much results on the list'
20:25mib_rdz781on 1 site
20:25bhearsumsomething like that, yeah
20:25mib_rdz781ok, it's clear!
20:26bhearsumprobably with preset values of maybe 10, 25, All
20:26mib_rdz781let's take first bug on my chest
20:26bhearsumis your username on bugzilla?
20:27mib_rdz781I only log here with random name
20:27bhearsumalright, i'll assign it to you
20:28mib_rdz781yeey, thanks!
20:29bhearsumthank you :)
20:30mib_rdz781I have question, about things more than a feature
20:30mib_rdz781I mean CSS
20:31mib_rdz781i want to add some extra space
20:31mib_rdz781for better UX
20:31mib_rdz781or better align elements
20:31mib_rdz781could I do that?
20:31bhearsumabsolutely, that would be awesome
20:33mib_rdz781I don't know how big improvement could I do
20:33bhearsumwell, ui is our weak point, so whatever you can do is definitely valuable
12 Jul 2017
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