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9 Sep 2017
02:30telegramBot<vagrantin> I&#39;ve something flying around where LuneOS wanted to work with B2GOS community isn&#39;t it ?
02:32telegramBot<vagrantin> Mozilla literally killed the project and the community with it...
02:33telegramBot<vagrantin> Personally from here either we start something from scratch or we join/fork another project
02:56telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> I agree with Matthieu
06:09telegramBot<vagrantin> The question remains for me what would be the closest project to our objective, from the top of my mind i see webian or NodeOS
07:14telegramBot<PacoIgnazioTaiboII> Open webOS / LuneOS Merging Proposal - B2G OS / Infrastructure - Mozilla Discourse
17:21telegramBot<reinhart1010> @vagrantin, I don&#39;t know whether you had the idea before, while the proposal in the Discourse post is originally my opinion. Before I posted it on Discourse, I was wondering whether webOS could merged, since both webOS and B2G OS have similar objective: to bring web-based operating system for mobile. While LuneOS still uses non-Gecko engine, there should be many core differences and ways to merge both OS. Since many
17:21telegramBotdifferent proposals of the new core for B2G OS exists, such as involving LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod) libraries, Firefox OS was tested as custom Nightly builds, isn&#39;t it? If we can integrate Android devices with Linux components and the custom Nightly (which includes the B2G OS), why focusing on replacing Gonk anyway?
17:24telegramBot<reinhart1010> I need to verify those LuneOS components, by asking the community by irc. Some dependencies, such as Qt (which some people dislike it), were required to build the SystemUI for LuneOS itself. Meanwhile, one of our plans is to bind SystemUI (Gaia) to the browser chrome. Some apps have been integrated to browser chrome in the B2G and Gaia repos.
17:29telegramBot<reinhart1010> Despite of the abandoned Firefox Marketplace and webOS stores, PWAs are started to become popular. For example, the mobile version of Instagram now allows photo uploading and Instagram Stories, which were only available in the app. I&#39;m afraid that the web engine in the LuneOS cqnnot handle new features which PWA has, while I&#39;m afraid with how the layers of B2G OS should be reconstructured. I don&#39;t know what&#39;s happen next, but it
17:29telegramBotis possible to integrate the core of LuneOS with Gecko (and soon Servo) loaded with B2G OS.
17:33telegramBot<reinhart1010> Actually, using LuneOS&#39; core (Halium, libhybris and OpenEmbedded) + Gecko + Gaia stack can make Forefox updates faster: Gecko can be updated more quickly in OpenEmbedded &quot;Recipes&quot; repositories, rather prompting users to update their B2G OS (in the current stack).
10 Sep 2017
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