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7 Sep 2017
16:08telegramBot<JomeLim> The astian group even more silent than this one haha
16:09telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> true that
16:09telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> but at least there we didn&#39;t make empty promises :)
16:12telegramBot<JomeLim> There or here?
16:13telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> here. damn ESL
16:33telegramBot<JomeLim> For a moment I was a little confused haha
16:34telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> anyway, no progress anywhere unfortunately
16:36telegramBot<JomeLim> Isnt Vmx chipping away at telephony stuff
16:38gerard-majaxyes, but he&#39;s the only one hacking
16:38gerard-majaxso we cannot ask him too much
16:41telegramBot<JomeLim> True
17:20telegramBot<JomeLim> Sauce Desktop?
17:21telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> yep... a bit lol no?
17:21telegramBot<JomeLim> I don&#39;t get it though
17:21telegramBot<JomeLim> Why are is astian making a desktop version for mobile?
17:22telegramBot<JomeLim> @JomeLim, Grammar edit
17:22telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> ask them? I&#39;m gonna grab some popcorn
8 Sep 2017
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