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19 Apr 2017
05:00telegramBot4<RyunoKi> I know that OGG is a container. I&#39;ve written *codecs* on purpose.
06:18telegramBot4<KaiRo_at> @Porkepix, That. It has been developed with support from different vendors (e.g. including Microsoft), is supported in browsers pretty well (not IE but Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Edge AFAIK) as it&#39;s mandatory for WebRTC, and is really good at audio quality with low bitrates, esp. with speech.
07:22telegramBot4<novski> perfect. i think all i need is ios safari, chrome and firefox and a bit android same. the mass of iphones in switzerland is incredible...
07:39telegramBot4<erotavlas> @KaiRo_at, +1
18:21benfrancisOver the weekend I played with Android Things some more with a Raspberry Pi + touchscreen. Turns out WebGL doesn&#39;t work yet on Android Things so even the native Android <webview> doesn&#39;t work ( Not sure how well Gecko would run on that base, I haven&#39;t been able to get a GeckoView binary to work in an Android
18:21benfrancisapp yet, even in an emulator.
18:25telegramBot4<Fabrice Desr> you mean OpenGL ?
18:25benfrancisfabrice: Yes, sorry, OpenGL.
18:28benfrancisWebView version here (crashes on Android Things, works in the Android emulator), failed GeckoView attempt here (doesn&#39;t work anywhere...)
18:30telegramBot4<Fabrice Desr> So you need a native UI?
18:30benfrancisFor WebView, yes. For GeckoView, currently yes.
18:31benfrancisBut I was just bundling the GeckoView binary in an Android app. If you build GeckoView yourself and really know what you&#39;re doing then you can probably put chrome in omni.jar. I think that would probably require patching Gecko though.
19:23PorkepixaiRo, what &quot;that.&quot; ?
21:16telegramBot4<KaiRo_at> This was about the talk about Opus.
22:35PorkepixYeah but why &quot;that&quot;?
22:45telegramBot4<KaiRo_at> means &quot;that is exactly what I think as well&quot; or something like that
22:47PorkepixOh, ok
20 Apr 2017
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