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18 May 2017
08:26sizvixthere is also the IRC link for people who prefer IRC ^^
08:29telegramBot1<Lapineige> sure :) But some people will try to join telegram and fail (and if they want to use IRC they can use it as a workaround)
08:30telegramBot1<Lapineige> If you first wanted to use IRC, there&#39;s no issue anyway.
17:24vmxgerard-majax: do you know how the sim management works on the low-level (or know someone who knows)?
17:25gerard-majaxvmx, can you be more specific ?
17:26vmxgerard-majax: as you know, i&#39;m working on the ril stuff. i was looking into the gaia stuff
17:26vmxi found that it needs the iccManager
17:26vmxi then tried to figure out how the icc stuff is actually done
17:26vmxi found some ipc directory, but i didn&#39;t really found anything how it actually communicates with aosp
17:27gerard-majaxoh yeah
17:27vmxthe ril stuff is clear, it&#39;s over a unix socket. but how does the communication work the iccmanager is responsible for
17:27gerard-majaxIccManager is DOM API as much as I remember
17:28vmxyes. i wonder what it is on the lower level
17:28gerard-majaxwell on the lower level of IccManager ?
17:28vmxwhere&#39;s the code that actually accesses android
17:28gerard-majaxeverything goes through rild
17:28vmxoh really?
17:28vmxthat&#39;s what i was after
17:28gerard-majaxit&#39;s the js ril handler that takes care of that
17:28gerard-majaxand icc manager is on top of that
17:29vmxoh ic. i somehow didn&#39;t find where this happens
17:29vmxbut knowing that should make it easier
17:29vmxthanks a lot!
17:29telegramBot1<Fabrice Desr> vmx: look at
17:30vmx@Fabrice: i&#39;ve been there but couldn&#39;t find the actual calls
17:30vmxbut now i might :)
17:31vmxi was circling around &quot;iccinfo&quot; but couldn&#39;t find where to get those
17:50vmxgerard-majax: you had a ping timeout. fabrice was helping
17:50vmxthanks though :)
19 May 2017
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