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18 Apr 2017
09:23vmxin regards to my touch event problem yesterday. touch events work when using the simulation from the responsive design mode from the dev tools
12:01telegramBot4<vagrantin> Testing the access to telegram @B2GOS
12:01telegramBot4<vagrantin> @B2G
12:01telegramBot4<vagrantin> Erf
18:43telegramBot4<RyunoKi> @novski, Make sure you have the permissions/license to redistribute the audio guides first.
18:44telegramBot4<RyunoKi> (Responding to Ivan (Novski) question on Apr 16)
18:44telegramBot4<Lapineige> @RyunoKi , don&#39;t forget IRC doesn&#39;t see the reply to. edit: ok great ^^
18:45telegramBot4<novski> hellp
18:45telegramBot4<novski> no hello
18:48telegramBot4<RyunoKi> @novski, Since audio files can get large, IndexedDB sounds like a good idea. Maybe you can look for shims, if you need to support a wider range of devices. You could play around with the bitrate and codec of the audio files (if you have the permission to do so), to look, whether you can bring down the file size. exiftool could be used to inspect associated metadata.
18:49telegramBot4<RyunoKi> Lapineige, I&#39;m trying to keep that in mind, but mostly I need to send a second message to create the connection of my post and what it referred to.
18:50telegramBot4<novski> its only speach so the file as .mp3 is already reduced to a quite small size...
18:50telegramBot4<Lapineige> convert them to .ogg
18:51telegramBot4<Lapineige> for the same quality, is much lighter
18:51telegramBot4<novski> il try, thanks
18:52telegramBot4<Lapineige> They are probably small, but when downloading something, every tiny bit counts. And a -25% is newer a bad thing :)
18:52telegramBot4<Lapineige> (bonus: it&#39;s free as freedom ;) )
19:10telegramBot4<novski> well the tricky thin and interesting part will be to make that not so relevant because it should be possible to download the page before leaving the wifi and then walk around with offline media (audio & maps) wee will see how successful i will be...
19:11telegramBot4<Lapineige> if you store them localy, it should be ok. Then you could check the cache before trying to update the data, and show what you already have - for the offline mode
19:15telegramBot4<novski> yea, you know its my second web project so far, so don&#39;t think im deep in to this already. its just a vision.
19:31telegramBot4<Lapineige> Take you time, simple step by simple step. Don&#39;t start with the whole stack, just prototype with a bit of everything, to validate your concept and learn how the basic bricks work.
20:32telegramBot4<RyunoKi> @Lapineige, Concerning OGG container: how good is the support?
20:33telegramBot4<RyunoKi> Ivan, start without offline support and your device first. Then try to make it work cross browsers before going cross platform.
20:53telegramBot4<Lapineige> @RyunoKi, for the web part ? I don&#39;t know, I can listen to them in Firefox so I guess it&#39;s good :) Regarding the devices: well, I assume it&#39;s quite largely spread.
20:54telegramBot4<Lapineige> And if not supported, switch back to mp3
20:54telegramBot4<pancake> @novski, why not use tts apis?
22:09PorkepixOgg is just a container
22:09PorkepixIt depends of what you put inside
22:11telegramBot4<Lapineige> yeah, I meant Vorbis encoding for the audio
22:31PorkepixAnd then I4ll answer you that Opus is way better for that :)
19 Apr 2017
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