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17 Feb 2017
00:37GeekShadowso my Flame is finally charge up, but the touchscreen act weirdly
00:38GeekShadowit's usable for 2mn but then doesn't react or react randomly without me touching
01:28GeekShadowvideo :
07:23telegramBot<kskarthik> Any ideas of containerizing B2G OS like they are doing for plasma mobile
08:59telegramBot<JBBgameich> If B2G libraries and ui are installable on Debian, ubuntu, arch or some other normal distro, this would be an option
09:01telegramBot<JBBgameich> Plasma Mobile uses a minimal android build, whithout the Java parts, and a linuxcontainer containing a Ubuntu with plasma mobile installed
09:02telegramBot<JBBgameich> I&#39;m not familiar with b2Gs architecture, but if somebody could create Debian packages for glibc, plasma mobile and b2g could share their base
14:51pyanghey julienw
14:51pyanghow&#39;s going?
15:08Porkepixjulienw: RIP Gaia::SMS bugs :(
15:46GeekShadowWhat&#39;s the state of b2g forks ? Any project moving forward ?
15:49telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> not much progress except from vmx
15:51GeekShadowis there a new repo or something ?
15:51vmxGeekShadow: i&#39;ve a bit of progress. i currently have a full roundtrip if browser -> websocket -> rust -> javascript (this is where the ril worker will live) -> rust -> websocket -> browser
15:52vmxi haven&#39;t uploaded it somewhere yet, it all fits in a single paste so far:
15:52vmxonce i&#39;ve the worker really working i&#39;ll upload it properly
15:52GeekShadowvmx, does it involve servo at some point ?
15:53vmxGeekShadow: what i currently do is trying to get the telephony stack work independent of the browser
15:53GeekShadownice :)
15:54vmxthough firefox is the obvious choice as a start
15:55GeekShadowI have a phone idea, but no one did it as of now (or I don&#39;t know) : a phone with 2 battery, one dedicated to main things : calls/sms/emergency and one battery dedicated to multimedia functions ;)
15:55GeekShadowit would involve a basic phone OS/firmware and a multimedia system
15:56GeekShadowthe idea is to be able to enjoy music/movies while on the move, without running out of battery to call someone
15:57telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> just use a second phone...
15:57GeekShadowyeah ;) but what about all in one ...
15:57telegramBot<Lapineige> GekkShadow: what&#39;s the point ? When you think you will not have enough battery for call, stop all the multimedia things
15:57GeekShadowit&#39;s just a concept
15:57telegramBot<KaiRo_at> Sounds like it needs custom hardware, which is hard to build - and I think not a target here atm.
15:58GeekShadowyeah, just sharing my thoughts
15:58telegramBot<Lapineige> @vmx: nice to see some progress, thanks a ton for your work so far ! :)
16:04GeekShadowvmx, is there a place to follow changes/news ?
16:06vmxGeekShadow: i&#39;ll post any real progress at
16:07vmx@Lapineige: :)
18 Feb 2017
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