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16 May 2017
09:54telegramBot1<vagrantin> Did we got some feedback from telegram team about that?
09:55telegramBot1<vagrantin> It has been reported right?
09:56telegramBot1<kskarthik> No
11:51telegramBot1<Lapineige> @vagrantin, I did it. No anwser
11:52telegramBot1<Lapineige> But feel free to report again, maybe they will answer one of the report...
11:52gerard-majaxwhat report?
12:11telegramBot1<Lapineige> It&#39;s about the telegram group. It was made private during a while because of the spam bots. Then someone created a group with the same name (it&#39;s ridiculous that it&#39;s possible to have doubles) and claim for money to let us use it again. (yeah, there are seriously some people willing to do that...) So I reported it to Telegram, but no answer.
12:14telegramBot1<Lapineige> yeah ^^
12:14telegramBot1<Lapineige> (that&#39;s life ^^)
12:23telegramBot1<kskarthik> @Lapineige, How about group name B2G_OS ? It is still available
12:27telegramBot1<Lapineige> I don&#39;t know if we can rename it. And the current name (with link) was spread widely.
12:27telegramBot1<Lapineige> Until Telegram does something, the only way to add people is to invite them
19:54telegramBot1<mautematico> It&#39;s also posible to create an invitation link, I think.
19:54telegramBot1<mautematico> It will be a random-like string
19:54telegramBot1<mautematico> But it will be useful in the meantime
19:55telegramBot1<mautematico> @kskarthik should be able to create such invite link
19:55telegramBot1<Lapineige> Do you know how we can do it ? (I&#39;m admin too)
19:58telegramBot1<mautematico> Let me create a new group. I forgot how to do it
20:00telegramBot1<mautematico> More (triple dot) >> edit >> group type
20:00telegramBot1<mautematico> And there should be an invitation link
20:02telegramBot1<Lapineige> I don&#39;t have this on the desktop client
22:42telegramBot1<mautematico> @Lapineige, I think only founder can see the link. Not sure tough
17 May 2017
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