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16 Apr 2017
03:59telegramBot<vagrantin> And what about webkit or directly nodejs ? B2Node?
04:01telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> webkit is almost only Apple these days, and lags behind chrome
04:01telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> nodejs doesn&#39;t provide a web runtime, only a set of js apis
07:48telegramBot<novski> @Daniel_Floriano, oh, i like that one...
08:16telegramBot<novski> quetion to the metioned app groupe of developers here. I want to learn some web app dev. and have seen a poor site i wold like to rebuild and improve. Its nothing fancy in my eyes. A website offers a audioguide for my city that has a map you can follow and listen to the audiofiles. The problem is nobody does it because its map is not detailed enough to find the way and the files are provided as a download. so to get started i had to
08:16telegramBotdownload and then fire each file in the coresponding place when i reached it. but i didn&#39;t find every place... bad. so i thaught maybe thats a good start. But i need some talk to find out what technology is needed and what i need to learn to make a app that offers a download on wifi and offlike usage of media afterwards. I wold like to offer tracking in a second stage and oppening a map (doens&#39;t mater right now what kind online/offline) and shows the
08:16telegramBotexact place. can sombody name me the buzwords i have to google?
09:28telegramBot<KaiRo_at> For the map, I would look into Leaflet - not sure if/how you could do offline maps with it but for online, with having markers on a map, it works well.
10:33telegramBot<novski> i will do the map as a second step after testing the offline audiofiles thing. any idea how i can save Audiofiles for offline usage?
10:43telegramBot<KaiRo_at> As long as the same web app will be playing them, you can save them in an indexedDB as blobs
10:51telegramBot<novski> thx for the hint to the two needed technics. and verry apreciated. Regards, Novski
10:59telegramBot<KaiRo_at> you&#39;re welcome - of course, for offline storage, you could also potentially do something via ServiceWorkers cache but I haven&#39;t looked used that myself yet and am not sure where it is available yet as it&#39;s newer technology
11:20telegramBot<Lapineige> Both Firefox and Chrome supports them.
11:50telegramBot<KaiRo_at> Yes, but not sure about browser e.g. on iOS and whatever exotic OSes are out there (Windows phones anyone?)
11:51telegramBot<KaiRo_at> of course, FxOS phone do not support them which makes it harder for me to experiment with them - and I&#39;m not sure if we have activated them on Firefox ESR yet
11:59telegramBot<Lapineige> @KaiRo_at, I don&#39;t think safari support them, edge does is it (partly ?) if I remember well
11:59telegramBot<Lapineige> @KaiRo_at, But there is a basic support right ?
12:16telegramBot<KaiRo_at> @Lapineige, Not even on FxOS 2.6, way too old AFAIK. On ESR, not sure what we enabled there - I know we intentionally disabled some stuff because it was too new technology to maintain the state for a year
12:19PorkepixWeren&#39;t service workers added at the end of the project?
12:19PorkepixThought so
12:23telegramBot<Lapineige> yeah me too
12:23telegramBot<Lapineige> there&#39;s also a panel to manage them
18:40telegramBot<pancake> @vagrantin, Boot2Electron
18:47telegramBot<pancake> So what are the main problems for blocked b2g ?
18:47telegramBot<pancake> Imho its the lack of devices to run it
18:48telegramBot<pancake> And imho we should focus on xiaomi and lineage
18:48telegramBot<pancake> Those are the cheapest and more accessible devices
22:24telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> devices are not the main issue, no. plenty of options actually, including the nexus line, sony with aosp support and other supported by lineage.
22:24telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> to me the main issue is to restart on a base that we can be confident will last
22:40telegramBot<pancake> Is there any todo with priorities or something?
22:40telegramBot<pancake> Any guide to build and run on lineage?
23:05telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> priority #1 is to get something running without the gonk layer of gecko, which means either gecko/android or something-else/gonk
23:05telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> gecko/android is the easiest way, maybe not the most long lasting one
17 Apr 2017
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