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14 Jul 2017
14:31telegramBot<rajudev> Did you guys heard the news?
14:32telegramBot<rajudev> The phone is having a remodified version of Firefox OS for feature phones.
14:51vmxrajudev: thanks for sharing. it&#39;s the first time i&#39;ve heard of kaios
14:53telegramBot<rajudev> vmx one person&#39;s garbage is another person&#39;s treasure.
14:54telegramBot<rajudev> kind of same thing happening here
14:54telegramBot<rajudev> A few other projects tried to reuse Firefox OS.
14:54telegramBot<rajudev> but KAI OS used it intelligently.
14:55telegramBot<rajudev> They would sharely sell lakhs of devices in India
14:56vmxi should get an alcatel go flip next time i&#39;m in the US. to see if you somehow can get kaios off the phone
14:58telegramBot<rajudev> I guess the OS must be highly controlled
14:59telegramBot<rajudev> proprietary thing
14:59vmxit always depends on whether you really want to protect it or not from people having a look
15:03telegramBot<rajudev> Did you found any homepage for Kai OS
15:03telegramBoti_saagar was added by: rajudev
15:04vmxrajudev: no, i only found
15:07telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> see
15:10telegramBot<rajudev> @vmx, That&#39;s another great phone.
15:10telegramBot<rajudev> I miss the days of flips
16:10NeXdoes anyone know about a guide to installing Android on a flame device?
17:41telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> this repo has nothing to do with b2g
18:17telegramBot<rajudev> @kskarthik, I guess this Kai OS and the KAI OS used in the feature phone are different
18:18telegramBot<rajudev> there are multiple kaios sites
18:22telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> again, the one used for the feature phone is
15 Jul 2017
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