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12 Sep 2017
01:01telegramBot<Daniel_Floriano> What&#39;s Wayland?
01:12telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> it&#39;s a protocol to communicate between a display server and clients
01:14telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> unfortunately the Sailfish Browser is based on which hasn&#39;t been updated since August 2015
03:12telegramBot<JBBgameich> I think embedlite has been moved to the mer gitlab server...
03:20telegramBot<Fabrice Desr>
03:20telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> as old as the github one
07:11PorkepixAnd Wayland will definitely replace Xorg in the middle/long term
07:11PorkepixSome distributions already use it at least with Gnome, maybe KDE and other DE/WM
09:27telegramBot<KaiRo_at> Wayland is the moderb graphics infrastructure for Linux, yes
09:47telegramBot<KaiRo_at> And it should be lean enough to be good for mobile devices as well
11:23MMxWayland _is_ lean enough for good mobile devices. I own several which run it. :>
17:54telegramBot<RyunoKi> @Daniel_Floriano, The reason Wayland is needed is because currently Linux users are running software called X(.org/11). This was developed in the early 90s. In order to make today (think touch input), many hacks were needed. Wayland is a new, clean approach to handle input/output. Many core X developers contribute to it.
17:57telegramBot<RyunoKi> It caused some upset, when Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) announced there own approach called Mer. For own, it lacked personnel (and knowledge), for the other it made it hard to argue with graphic card manufacturers about supporting Wayland (with many GNU/Linux distros behind) when they could as easily negotiate with one (Canonical).
17:58telegramBot<RyunoKi> Getting display servers right is tough. There are many edge cases to consider. Graphic cards differ widely, but users expect excellent support etc. Competition is harmful here.
17:59telegramBot<RyunoKi> I was just summarising what the core developer of KWin (Window Manager of KDE) was writing down back then. I trust his expertise in this regard :-)
18:01telegramBot<JBBgameich> @RyunoKi, Canonicals displayserver is called Mir, not mer. (Just to avoid confusion with Mir and the sailfishos core)
18:02telegramBot<RyunoKi> Oh, yeah you are right. Too long ago that I read that blog post.
18:03telegramBot<JBBgameich> This both similar names already leaded to some missunderstandings in Halium meetings :)
18:05telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> there is little usefullness in Wayland/Mir for something like b2gOS because we don&#39;t need a compositor: the web runtime is the compositor
18:06telegramBot<reinhart1010> Well, if X has decent touchscreen support, we could still use it until the Wayland port of Firefox is ready.
18:07telegramBot<RyunoKi> Fabrice, correct, but I wanted to sum up the answer, so thibgs may be a bit clearer for people in here now :-)
18:30benfrancisHuh, iPhone X has swipe from the bottom for home
18:30telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> the return of the Nokia N9 !
18:31telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> likely they hired the UX team :)
18:35benfrancisAlso, switch between apps by swiping
18:35benfrancisNot quite the same as Firefox OS edge gestures
19:30telegramBot<KaiRo_at> @Fabrice Desr, and of the FxOS 2.5 UI the way I&#39;m using it (without a home button)
19:30telegramBot<KaiRo_at> I so much love that whole swipe stuff
13 Sep 2017
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