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11 Jul 2017
06:45telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> vmx: I think this happens when telling the rild to turn things on. I would look at what happens when we enter/exit airplane mode
12:49telegramBotrajudev was added by: rajudev
12:50telegramBot<kskarthik> Hello @rajudev ! Welcome here :)
12:57telegramBot<rajudev> Thanks @kskarthik
12:57telegramBot<rajudev> Hello everyone.
12:58telegramBot<rajudev> My reason to get here in the group is because of an issue I am facing
12:59telegramBot<rajudev> I own a Alcatel Onetouch FIre C 2G with Firefox OS v1.3
13:00telegramBot<rajudev> It has got a numerical lock on.
13:00telegramBot<rajudev> I have tried many things, but was unable to break in to the device.
13:00telegramBot<JomeLim> use the recovery cable?
13:01telegramBot<rajudev> recovery cable?
13:02telegramBot<JomeLim> @kskarthik, for irc users:I linked to tg user kskarthik message from June 8, 8:09pm :&quot;I just bricked my flame now :( I have flame recovery tool. Data cable is enough? It is telling some download recovery cable. What&#39;s that?&quot;
13:02telegramBot<JomeLim> @rajudev, did you forget the lock or something?
13:03telegramBot<rajudev> @JomeLim, Locked by a younger nephew. He is unable to remember the code back
13:04telegramBot<JomeLim> ...
13:04telegramBot<JomeLim> go into fastboot?
13:05gerard-majaxthat&#39;s going to be tricky
13:11telegramBot<rajudev> I could get to fastboot.
13:12telegramBot<JomeLim> Not sure if this works on fxos, but nuking the data in Android and reflashing usually resets everything
13:12gerard-majaxit would, but it means you loose everything
13:12telegramBot<rajudev> Its no android.
13:12gerard-majaxI assumed you wanted to unlock and still keep data
13:13gerard-majaxif you don&#39;t are about the data, just get into recovery, wipe data, reboot
13:13gerard-majaxI cannot remember how to access recovery menu on the Fire C
13:13gerard-majaxshould be something line Power+VolDown
13:13telegramBot<rajudev> @gerard-majax, data kept or lost, any way is fine.
13:14telegramBot<rajudev> I can get to recovery. Let me search the device
13:15telegramBot<rajudev> I don&#39;t have the device right now. Will get back here, once I find it and I am in recovery mode
20:41telegramBot1<RyunoKi> There are only 10k possibilities (10 digits times 4 positions). You don&#39;t get a fail2ban. So with enough patience...
12 Jul 2017
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