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11 Jan 2017
14:59telegramBot<Lapineige> Replicant supports a lot less phones right ? Don&#39;t you think it would be a step backward ? (but I guess they have some open source stuff (drivers, ...) that we can use)
14:59telegramBot<Lapineige> @Fabrice Desr, +1
15:40telegramBot<Jf> Sorry
15:56telegramBot<PacoIgnazioTaiboII> @Lapineige, That&#39;s true, Lapi, also considering that Replicant 6.0 based on Android 6 is still in (active) development, but it would be a great step forward in terms of openness of the whole operating system. Moreover, there are two smartphones shipping Replicant as default OS ( ... really old models, too much expensive in my opinion). I know, it&#39;s not enough, but it&#39;s a starting point
15:58telegramBot<Lapineige> And it doesn&#39;t support the whole telephony stack I think - cause there&#39;s no open source drivers
15:58telegramBot<Lapineige> @PacoIgnazioTaiboII, but that&#39;s why maybe we could integrate some of the free component from Replicant, for more openness
15:58telegramBot<Lapineige> but yeah, later, not the priority now ^
15:59telegramBot<PacoIgnazioTaiboII> @Lapineige, Good point :-) for now it would be enough to know if something is going on with the porting
18:54telegramBot<RyunoKi> The contract of my Firefox OS phone is going to expire at end of January 2017 - meaning I can start doing $THINGS with it then.
18:54telegramBot<Lapineige> The contract ?
18:56telegramBot<RyunoKi> My mobile carrier, where I bought the phone (Congstar)
19:08telegramBot<Lapineige> oh, they had a contract with a Firefox OS phone ?
19:09telegramBot<Lapineige> Why do I discover this existed just now ?
19:13telegramBot<RyunoKi> Congstar is associated with Deutsche Telekom. They were the first who sold the devices (AOTF) in Germany
19:14telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> @RyunoKi which device where there? The Fire C ?
19:17telegramBot<RyunoKi> Umm. I&#39;ve only bought the AOTF (without any letter). Would need to look up at Soeren&#39;s database to answer the question
19:22telegramBot<Fabrice Desr> ok ;)
19:54telegramBot<quadrofon> It was the alcatel fire e
19:55telegramBot<quadrofon> Congstar/telekom never updated after 2.0
20:10telegramBot<Lapineige> @quadrofon, well, at least you had the 2.0 ^^ - the ZTE Open C (the only French FirefoxOS phone) came with 1.3. Never updated (even if they promised so)
20:10telegramBot<Lapineige> (but the community ported 1.4, 2.0, 2.1,2.2,2.5 and 2.6 versions :))
20:33telegramBot<RyunoKi> AOTF stucked at 1.3
12 Jan 2017
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