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10 Sep 2017
07:11telegramBot<vagrantin> @reinhart1010 this something I&#39;ve seen in the chan it wasn&#39;t my idea. I&#39;m interested in anything which can get the B2GOS core ideas back into lives, but unfortunately I don&#39;t have the skills to trigger anything
07:19telegramBot<reinhart1010> Ok
07:22telegramBot<reinhart1010> The Firefox devs on Linux could port B2G OS to OpenEmbedded and LuneOS, though.
07:22telegramBot<reinhart1010> But I don&#39;t know which display server LuneOS uses.
07:55PorkepixWell, Firefox on Linux havn&#39;t even been correctly ported to Wayland yet, and honnestly that&#39;s a way higher priority :)
10:35telegramBot<vagrantin> Does anyone know any roadmap on Firefox on wayland?
10:50telegramBot<reinhart1010> 2 years ago Phoronix said that the Red Hat devs are working on it.
11 Sep 2017
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