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19 Aug 2017
07:18telegramBot<dietricha> @kskarthik any word on when the Jio phone will be available?
07:19telegramBot<dietricha> I&#39;m going to be in Goa for most of October, am hoping to get one then
07:23telegramBot<dvigneshwer> pre booking starts from 24th August
07:24telegramBot<dvigneshwer> Phone will be available from September
07:26telegramBot<dietricha> cool, very soon!
07:26telegramBot<dietricha> i wonder if they&#39;ve updated Gecko
07:26telegramBot* dietricha looks at fabrice
07:27telegramBot<dietricha> which IRC room does this Telegram channel connect to? #b2g?
07:28telegramBot<dietricha> ah, yes.
07:31telegramBot<dvigneshwer> @dietricha, Yeah... People are excited to see what modification have been done :) .. the other day I was going through a long list of conversations started from Ben&#39;s tweet .. let me know if you need any help getting one .. Reliance has a bad reputation of looping in Aadhaar number for all type of registrations !!
07:46telegramBot<dietricha> awesome, thanks! i might take you up on that
10:44telegramBot<kskarthik> @dietricha jiophone has lot of demand. Alcatel go flip also runs on kaios which is available in US
10:47telegramBot<kskarthik> Intex also launched a similar phone (unlocked) to jiophone for 30$. I&#39;m not sure it is on sale yet.
10:48telegramBot<kskarthik> Am I the only one getting this font on telegram web on Firefox android
10:57telegramBot<shaguftamethwani> Looks like it, yes
10:58telegramBot<dietricha> @kskarthik any link on the Intex phone?
10:58telegramBot<dietricha> maybe i&#39;ll try to get that one
11:02telegramBot<shaguftamethwani> @dietricha,
11:03telegramBot<shaguftamethwani> Starting from ~10USD
11:05telegramBot<kskarthik> There is no listing on flipkart & amazon yet
11:06telegramBot<dietricha> @shaguftamethwani thx!
11:09telegramBot<kskarthik> @shaguftamethwani, Not that cheap. 2000 ~ 35$
11:13telegramBot<shaguftamethwani> It starts from 700
11:13telegramBot<shaguftamethwani> 700-1500 verious models
11:15telegramBot<kskarthik> Yeah. But the kaios one is 1999
11:30telegramBot<shaguftamethwani> Oh i see
17:10telegramBot<Daniel_Floriano> I&#39;m sure you&#39;re going to reference me to Cutol, but I&#39;m wondering if anyone knows how to backup JUST pictures from an Fx0
19:05telegramBot<firverior> Wouldn&#39;t you just plug it into a computer, and copy the photos folder off it? I don&#39;t remember exactly what that folder is called though.
19 Aug 2017
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