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9 Jan 2017
09:46whimboo|bbldavehunt: good monring
09:46whimboolooks like github got the fix out for broken links in email notifications
09:51davehuntwhimboo: nice, that took a while!
11:31davehuntwhimboo: do you know if there's a way to get popup notifications to be displayed in chrome screenshots? I'm trying to investigate why my notifications patch is failing in Travis CI
11:32whimboopopups are not included yet
11:32whimboopike had a proposal for that btw.
11:32whimboobug 1198432
11:32firebot NEW, marionette.screenshot can't get hold of xul popup
11:42davehuntah yes, I remember
12:02davehuntwhimboo: any idea why nightly would be passing, but on release, esr, and beta the popup is not being shown?
12:03davehuntalso, if you have suggestions for what debug I could add to investigate, as screenshots appear to be a dead end :/
12:43davehuntwhimboo: my guess at the moment is that the -foreground is not working using Travis and xvfb
12:43davehuntthough I don't know why it would work on Nightly
13:23whimboodavehunt: what about aurora?
13:24davehuntfails on all except nightly
13:25whimboodavehunt: can you get it working locally with xfvb or don't you have a linux machine?
13:25whimbooi see that we don't run on os x via travis
13:25davehuntwhimboo: I'm working on switching Travis to use containers, so I can attempt to replicate locally
13:28whimboohow let a container reproduce it for you locally?
13:28whimbooi mean there is a chance you can
13:29whimboobut if it's a hardware related thing you might now
13:29whimboosomthing we noticed with taskcluster workers on linux too a while ago
13:32davehuntshouldn't matter if I use the same containers as Travis
13:32davehuntit's worth a try anyway
13:38whimbooyep, hardware makes a difference
13:38whimboousing docker images doesn't mean it makes it 100% reproducible
13:39davehuntwhimboo: no, but I'm hoping it will :)
13:39davehuntwhimboo: mind reviewing
13:45whimboodavehunt: see my reply for some questions
13:54davehuntwhimboo: thanks, I'm working on some updates
14:16davehuntwhimboo: I've updated the pull with additional commits. I didn't bother with the cache suggestion as I don't think this is worthwhile at this time.
14:27davehuntwhimboo: thanks
14:45davehuntwhimboo: okay, I've replicated the issue locally using the container.. so at least there's that
14:52davehuntI can also replicate it passing on nightly
14:52davehuntnow I wonder if I can use VNC to watch the test run
14:58whimboodavehunt: interesting. you should be able to watch it
14:58whimbooi did similar things locally some months ago
15:03davehuntdocker run --help
15:03davehuntlol :P
15:03davehuntnot much sleep last night :)
15:30maja_zfstandups: ooh, TIL that you can tag a bugzilla comment as 'obsolete' or 'typo':
15:30standupsOk, submitted #40928 for
15:32AutomatedTesterstandups: interview done and interview notes done within an hour of completing the interview. A new record.
15:32standupsOk, submitted #40929 for
15:32AutomatedTesterstandups: also cleared up some tax issues... boo
15:32standupsOk, submitted #40930 for
15:38davehuntwhimboo: woo! replicated and now witnessed :D
15:43whimboodavehunt: what was it?
15:43davehuntwhimboo: still no idea.. I can't even get a notification to display from :/
15:44whimboothe signed stuff can't it be or?
15:45whimbooso you are trying to install an addon from amo?
15:46davehuntyeah, I've taken control of the browser via VNC
15:47whimbooand cannot even manually get it to work?
15:47davehuntlet me try without -foreground, it feels like a focus thing
15:50davehuntwell first of all regularly causes the tab to crash :
15:51whimboomind sending the crash reprot?
15:51whimboomaybe try with e10s disabled
15:52davehuntwhimboo: it seems it's any overlay, I can't even expand the awesome bar
15:52davehuntwhimboo: how do I submit the crash report? there's no option for that
15:52whimbooas usual via about:crashes
15:52davehuntnothing there
15:53davehunt"No crash reports have been submitted"
15:53whimboohuh, and in the crashed tab?
15:53whimboono button to send a report?
15:55davehuntbrowser log:
15:55davehunt[Parent 3034] WARNING: pipe error (36): Connection reset by peer: file /builds/slave/m-rel-l64-00000000000000000000/build/src/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 320
15:55davehunt###!!! [Parent][MessageChannel] Error: (msgtype=0x2E007D,name=PBrowser::Msg_Destroy) Channel error: cannot send/recv
15:55whimbooyes, that is due to the crash
15:55whimboois that aurora?
15:57davehuntI'll compare with nightly, which passes in Travis
15:59whimboothis might not crrash
15:59whimbooso you see the notification
15:59whimboocan you try with release and e10s turned off?
15:59davehuntso nightly doesn't crash, and I do see the notification
15:59davehuntbut I still can't expand awesome bar :/
15:59davehuntor any menus
16:00davehuntwhimboo: what's the best way to disable e10s
16:06davehuntwhimboo: no crash with e10s disabled, but still no popups
16:15whimboodavehunt: sorry, was in a meeting
16:15whimboodavehunt: so maybe they fixed something in Nightly
16:15whimboorelated to popups
16:16whimboobut for our fx ui tests all works fine under xvfb afair
16:16whimboomaybe you can test this out
16:17davehuntwhimboo: what version of Linux are they using?
16:18whimboowe had ubuntu 12.04 before and now 16.04
16:19davehuntthis container is based on Ubuntu 12.04
16:20davehunthmm.. the container comes with Firefox 31, and that appears to be working
16:21davehunthah, I checked the version, which triggered an update, so now it's not working again
16:22davehuntyeah, travis really need to update their images
16:22whimboolots of webdriver commands should fail with that... not sure what the state of compatibility was at this time
16:22whimbooany way to use a newer docker image?
16:23davehuntwhimboo: I'm not suggesting we use that version of Firefox ;)
16:23whimboooh wait
16:23whimboowe have our own version of firefox
16:23davehuntI was just testing it, because it's what's installed by default
16:23whimbooso we dont depend on the default one
16:24davehuntI wonder if it's anything to do with xvfb and mutilple 'windows'
16:24whimbooany chance that you can run the fx ui tests in this container?
16:25davehuntwhimboo: when you run those tests, do you use xvfb?
16:25whimbooin taskcluster yes
16:25davehunthow do I run the tests? I can try
16:26whimboomaybe its the window manager we need?
16:26whimbooafair we run with it
16:26whimboosearch for NEED_WINDOW_MANAGER
20:38whimboo|bblstandups: patch for bug 1311350 would be ready if I wouldn't have this mystic unicode issue too
20:38standupsI don't trust you, whimboo|bbl, are you identified with nickserv?
20:38firebot ASSIGNED, close() and closeChromeWindow() do not wait until the underlying window has disappeared
20:38whimboostandups: patch for bug 1311350 would be ready if I wouldn't have this mystic unicode issue too
20:38standupsOk, submitted #40952 for
20:50whimbooAutomatedTester: hi. are you still around?
20:51AutomatedTesterwhimboo: yup
20:52whimbooAutomatedTester: something the spec is not clear about is of which type the window handle has to be
20:53whimbooint or string
20:53whimbooi would assume int
20:53whimbooor number
20:54whimboofor chrome windows we currently have a string
20:55whimbooi removed this line so that we have a number now
20:55whimboosame btw. for getWindowHandles
20:55AutomatedTesterEach browsing context has an associated window handle (string) uniquely identifying it. It must not be "current".
20:56whimboooh, i had case sensitive search turned on and was searching for Window Handle
20:57AutomatedTesterwhimboo: there was a link in get window handles
20:57whimboothat clears it up
20:58AutomatedTesterin "The Get Window Handle command returns the window handle for the" there is a link that takes you to that definition
20:58whimboosometimes you don't see the obvious and easiest thing :(
20:59AutomatedTester:) its cool
10 Jan 2017
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