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9 Aug 2017
13:41maja_zfi'm stepping out for a bit but I should be back in time for the chit chat
13:42whimboomaja_zf: me too
15:02whimboomaja_zf: are you back?
15:36maja_zfwhimboo: now I'm back
15:38whimboomaja_zf: we finished already
15:39maja_zfnothing to apologize for :)
15:39maja_zfwhimboo: did you conclude anything about triaging intermittents?
15:39whimbooyes, I will reply to the thread
20:00davehuntwhimboo: switched the FoxPuppet tests to use MOZ_HEADLESS :)
20:01whimboodavehunt: ++
20:01davehuntwhimboo: also note we switched to the beta build stages, so we can deploy from Travis only when all tests pass
20:02whimbooi see
20:04davehuntoops, looks like my patch has issues on non-nightly now :P
20:04davehuntmaybe because I set MOZ_HEADLESS globally
20:04whimboonot such a good idea indeed
20:06davehuntI'll check back after catching up on Game of Thrones
20:07whimboodavehunt: heh. heh the leaked episodes? :)
20:09whimboofor us it will still take a while until those are in TV
20:57davehuntwhimboo: leaked?
21:03davehuntah, no idea about that.. we're up to date now with what's aired
10 Aug 2017
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