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8 Aug 2017
10:22travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1099 (master - 0b8c641 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
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10:29CuriousLearnerwhimboo: ping
10:30CuriousLearnerwhimboo: for the Bug 1298803, why do I need to pass any argument on running the tests?
10:30firebot REOPENED, Add test to quit Firefox via a shortcut
10:34whimboowhat do you mean
10:35CuriousLearnerwhimboo: the test just quits firefox via shortcut. You told in the bug that I need to pass an argument for the browser to navigate to a particular url
10:36whimboowell, your current code is calling self.marionette.navigate() somewhere
10:36whimboowhich is passing in a null value because no url has been given
10:39CuriousLearnerokay let me see
11:47whimbooCuriousLearner: did you find it?
9 Aug 2017
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