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7 Sep 2017
11:18whimbooFlorinMezei: hello. mind asking if anyone of you has seen bug 1397703?
11:18firebot NEW, Audio doesn't stop playing when navigating away from current page
11:22whimbooit goes way back to 52. so its a bit suspicious
11:35firebotBug 1396574 DUPLICATE, Audio continues to play in Youtube's background [Material Design] if the back button is pressed
11:36FlorinMezeiaccording to Ciprian it reproduces only with the new YouTube design
11:36FlorinMezeiso basically your bug is a duplicate of
11:36whimbooah. let me check that
11:36firebotBug 1363234 NEW, Video keeps playing after navigating back on new polymer
11:38whimbooFlorinMezei: that's it
11:38whimbooi will mark as dupe
14:23whimboostandups: since a long time it's marionette driver and harness fixing day!
14:23standupsOk, submitted #50642 for
8 Sep 2017
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