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6 Jan 2017
12:31AutomatedTesterwhimboo: does have a self signed cert?
12:32whimbooAutomatedTester: yes
12:32AutomatedTesterwhimboo: whats the URL?
12:34AutomatedTestermany many thanks!
12:34whimboogood to have!
12:34whimbooi assume you want to create an example for selenium
12:34AutomatedTesterI want to test something, not make an example
12:35whimbooah k
12:37Aryxthere is also and more common issues at
12:37AutomatedTesterAryx: ahh, cool!
12:43whimbooAutomatedTester: interesting re Maybe we can get rid of
12:45Aryxafaik the person behind badssl doesn't want to guarantee that it's here to stay
12:46Aryxso if you are okay with setting it up again if badssl goes down, you should be fine
12:59AutomatedTesterwhimboo: Let's leave it for now and we can revisit it when it becomes a hassle
13:00whimbooah i ssee
13:00whimbooso totally agree
14:16FlorinMezeiwhimboo: there seems to be something wrong with one machine:
14:16FlorinMezeimozprocess timed out after 300 seconds running
14:16FlorinMezeiI got this on 3 consecutive tries
14:16FlorinMezeialso cannot connect via VNC to the machine
14:17FlorinMezeishould I take it offline?
14:22whimbooys pleae
17:10Silne30maja_zf: I am getting an error when opening a new tab via puppeteer. I wanted to check if there were any known issues.
17:16maja_zfSilne30: not that I know of. make sure you're doing it in content context?
17:19Silne30maja_zf: Really? Content?
17:20maja_zfSilne30: oops I meant chrome :)
17:21Silne30maja_zf: Yes. I am in chrome.
17:25Silne30maja_zf: ^
17:25Silne30Seems rather odd.
17:25Silne30Never happened before when I was using Puppeteer. I have recently switched over to the new version of Puppeteer using the mixin.
17:26maja_zfhmm, maybe you need to add a trigger arg? See how it's being used in firefox-ui:
17:28Silne30maja_zf: Just ran the test with the same result.
17:31maja_zfSilne30: I'm not *that* familiar with puppeteer unfortunately, and I don't have time to help debug right now, sorry. Try stepping through the puppeteer code or through similar firefox-ui-test code, try searching bugzilla for the exception message you see. If you get stuck you can file a bug and attach a minimal testcase that reproduces the issue.
18:12whimboo|bblSilne30: please file a bug
18:12whimboo|bbllooks like this should be get_property(selectedIndex)
18:12Silne30whimboo|bbl: Thanks.
18:12whimboo|bbllooks like we miss this check in puppeteer unit tests
18:12whimboo|bbland no other test is actually using it
18:13whimboo|bblif you can provide a fix it would be welcome
18:13Silne30Yeah. I searched for another test using it and could not find.
18:13Silne30Nice! That will give me practice with this whole mozreview proess.
18:13whimboo|bblSilne30: its similar to bug 1326236
18:13firebot FIXED, Intermittent TestDirectUpdate.test_update, TestFallbac
18:18Silne30Is puppeteer under testing? I see marionette in there but not puppeteer.
18:18Silne30Oh I see. Firefox-ui-tests.
18:18whimboo|bblSilne30: puppeteer is part of marionette now
18:18Silne30Oh ok.
18:18Silne30Even better.
18:19whimboo|bblSilne30: or better file under fx ui tests
18:19whimboo|bbluntil i moved all bugs over
18:56Silne30whimboo|bbl: Done. I will work on the bug
18:56Silne30Good practice.
19:41Silne30maja_zf|afk: Do you know where marionette-client is in mozilla-central? I am in testing >> marionette but the client folder has the marionette-driver package. The harness folder of course has marionette-harness. I can't find the local marionette-client package anywhere.
19:42Silne30whimboo|bbl: ^
19:42Silne30Or anyone else who can chime in.
19:54whimboo|bblSilne30: great
19:54whimboo|bbltesting/marionette/client is correct
19:54whimboo|bblthe package only has a different name
19:54Silne30whimboo|bbl: OK. I just found that out when I searched pypi.
19:54whimboo|bblwhich we have to change in about 6 firefox releases
19:55Silne30whimboo|bbl: It will change again?
19:56whimboo|bblwhy again
19:56whimboo|bblit hasnt changed yet
19:56whimboo|bblits a huge change which affects lots of other harnesses and tools
19:56Silne30I see.
19:56whimboo|bblthe harness change was already a pain to do for me
19:57whimboo|bblsee bug 1320073
19:57firebot FIXED, Rename marionette_client package to marionette_harness
19:57Silne30whimboo|bbl: I can imagine. Thinking about all of the changes you and your team have done since I joined the team keeps me grounded when I think about having to change something. I always think "Well, it's not as big as it could be. The A team's changes are huge."
20:00Silne30whimboo|bbl: I just found the issue I was having in one of the comments on this bug.
20:00Silne30The whole url navigation issue.
20:01Silne30That is an enormous bug!
20:05Silne30whimboo|bbl: I notice that some API calls are a little different that then previous marionette_client versions. I.E. get_url requires a path parameter now. Do you need help with generating docs?
20:07whimboo|bblwhich path parameter
20:07whimboo|bblnothing shoul have been changed there
20:08Silne30get_url for the fixture servers. I am sorry. Not marionette.
20:09whimboo|bblfixture server is new
20:11Silne30whimboo|bbl: OK. It's a little different than when we were using wptserve directly. What path parameter are we supposed to provide for the get_url function.
20:15whimboo|bblplease ask ato if he is still around
20:15whimboo|bbli have to head out for the weekend
20:18Silne30whimboo|bbl: Enjoy your weekend. Later!
20:18whimboo|bblthanks you too
7 Jan 2017
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