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5 Jan 2017
08:38whimboostandups: starting to work on bug 1322383 to ensure that all Marionette commands work on existing windows, and fail otherwise with the correct Exception as spec'ed in webdriver
08:38standupsOk, submitted #40786 for
08:38firebot ASSIGNED, Chrome context methods (driver.js) miss checks for valid window - no NoSuchWindow failure thrown
15:02davehuntwhimboo: did you book your hotel for FOSDEM?
15:02whimboodavehunt: yes
15:02davehuntwhimboo: the Novotel?
15:02whimboonovotel grand place
15:03whimbooensure you pick the right one ;)
15:03whimbooi remember days when people had a long journey to ULB :)
15:03davehuntI remember it's a bit of a walk, but a pleasant one
15:03whimbooright. or a packed bus ride
15:08davehuntwhimboo: I wonder if there's a decent airbnb nearby, though I guess demand will be high
15:11whimboodavehunt: i kinda like the breakfast in the hotel. I don't want to spend time prepping it myself or finding something
15:11whimbooalso talking to others is something nice for breakfast
15:29Silne30whimboo: Now that Firefox is built, what do i do now to use it in my tests?
15:39Silne30whimboo: I ran the test using the firefox that was just built. I t still gave the same error.
15:58davehuntwhimboo: looks like I would miss the end of FOSDEM if I traveled home on the Sunday due to the train times, so I think I'll stay Sunday night too
16:01davehuntactually, that seems wasteful, I'll just have a half day at FOSDEM on the Sunday
16:13Silne30whimboo: The issue surfaces when I switch the order of the Base Classes. (MarionetteTestCase, PuppeteerMixin) does not cause the error. (PuppeteerMixin, MarionetteTestCase) does.
16:13whimboodavehunt: my flight is at 8pm
16:13whimbooon that Sunday
16:13davehuntyeah, my train would be at 6pm
16:14davehuntI've booked it now, just need to sort my train from Amsterdam to Brussels
16:14whimbooSilne30: are you taking care of the MRO?
16:16Silne30whimboo: Sorry about my ignorance. What is MRO?
16:22Silne30whimboo: LOL. I thought MRO was some mozilla acronym. No wonder I wasn't getting anything back from wiki.
16:23whimbooso i have to see your code
16:28Silne30whimboo: Understood. I am starting to understand what's going on. PuppeteerMixin has references to the marionette object. But that object gets initialized in MarionetteTestCase. So when the order is switched, the marionette object is None (per the debugger). So trying to navigate to a page fails.
16:31Silne30But I can pastie my code if you like. Since the patch is not ready, I don't think it should be sent to mozreview (unless I am wrong about that).
16:31Silne30whimboo: ^
16:32whimbooSilne30: if oyu have problems you should check other tests which make use of puppeteer
16:32whimboowe have plenty of them
16:34Silne30whimboo: OK. Will do.
17:31mkaplyI'm getting an error trying to run tests - No module named _sqlite3 - did something change?
17:32mkaply./mach test browser/components/search
17:34mkaply./mach mochitest browser/components/search
18:55adrianzatreanuhey, need some help into rebasing properly. i have ran "hg pull && hg up" and then "hg rebase -b changeset" but now i see some weird commits in my log..
18:57whimboomkaply: did you had an OS update?
18:57whimbooadrianzatreanu: are you on a bookmark?
18:57mkaplywhimboo: I don't think so
18:58mkaplywhimboo: I fixed it by completely uninstalling python and reinstalling from brew
18:59whimbooadrianzatreanu: so what are you trying to rebase?
18:59adrianzatreanumy commit :D
18:59whimboodo you have commited your own work on top of mozilla-central?
18:59whimboowhy don't you use bookmarks?
19:00adrianzatreanubecause i suck, thats why, i will try using bookmarks from now on
19:00adrianzatreanui wanna make my work be on top so that i can push for review
19:05whimbooso not sure how to best fix this on top of m-c
19:06whimboomaybe get the diff from your changes before the rebase
19:06whimbooreset m-c
19:06whimboocreate a bookmark, and apply the changes
19:06whimboothen do the rebase
19:07adrianzatreanui guess i can do that
19:07adrianzatreanuhow do you reset it and what exactly does it mean?
19:14whimbooadrianzatreanu: i think gps could give a better help
19:14whimboootherwise simply pick an old commit before your one
19:14whimboothe parent of yours shoudl be enough
19:15whimboohe is in ateam too
19:15adrianzatreanugps is a person?
19:32adrianzatreanuoh, he wrote mach :o
19:48* Aryx is disappointed that no |mach hin| and no |mach schon| commands got implemented
19:51adrianzatreanuwhimboo: rebased or so, but apparently lost my changes and the files got moved in the mean time, will find them again and trying to do the changes again :)
19:52whimbooAryx: patches welcome!
19:52whimbooAryx: i like more "mach mal"
19:53whimboomaja_zf: mind also having a look at the patch I requested review from you?
19:53maja_zfi haven't forgotten
19:54whimbook :)
22:01maja_zfi'll do the review after dinner
6 Jan 2017
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