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21 Apr 2017
00:06erahmmkaply: backfilled a debug build and bc runs for you
05:47gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo closed pull request #850: Disable tests on Windows XP for mozilla-release (master...win_xp)
05:49travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1069 (master - c7f3bdc : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
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06:22whimboovladikoff: what do you want to know?
06:22whimbookeep in mind that webdriver/geckodriver and Firefox are different projects
07:06FlorinMezeiwhimboo: good morning... I'm afraid I may have some bad news:
07:07FlorinMezei54b1 tests look totally busted
07:07FlorinMezeiFallback update fails for all Linux and Windows jobs (Direct seems to pass)
07:08FlorinMezeiseems somewhat similar for OSX (I see: TEST-PASS | TestDirectUpdate.test_update | took 30151ms) but the failure looks different
07:10whimbooFlorinMezei: looks like Marioentte is not getting started after a restart
07:11FlorinMezeifor OSX or all?
07:11whimboohard to tell for window due to missing logs
07:12whimboohave you observed such a job via vnc?
07:12FlorinMezeiI haven't yet
07:12whimbooplease do so we can see that firefox is not busted after the update
07:12whimbooI could imagine something like that
07:13FlorinMezeiI'll try now
07:18whimbooit doesn't look to be the case
07:18FlorinMezeiAre you working on mm-win-81-64-1?
07:19whimboolet me have a look at the osx issue locally
07:19FlorinMezeiso you saw the run?
07:19whimbooFlorinMezei: is this beta 2?
07:19FlorinMezeibeta 1
07:20whimbooreally? i thought this is already released
07:20whimboobecause it appears here
07:20whimbooso beta 1 is always a trouble for each version as it looks like
07:21whimbootherefore we talked about after the last merge to do an example update test across versions before teh merge
07:21whimboonow with nightly -> beta, its even worse :(
07:24whimboomarionette is not started
07:25whimbooand as such nothing will happen
07:31FlorinMezeiwhimboo: on Win we seem to be stuck at this window:
07:32FlorinMezeisame cause?
07:32whimboomarionette is dead
07:32whimbooabout to file the bug
07:36whimboothe curious thing is that it also affects old builds
07:36whimboowhich were working before
07:37FlorinMezeiyes, seems different from our usual problem
07:39whimboobug 1358402
07:39firebot NEW, Total bustage of firefox-ui-update tests for Firefox 54.0b1 because Marionette is not getting starte
07:39whimboostandups: it's time for a beta 1 again, and as usual massive problems with update tests (bug 1358402). Not sure yet if it is a Firefox or Marionette issue
07:39standupsOk, submitted #45034 for
07:39FlorinMezeiyep, saw it
07:41FlorinMezeiwhimboo: I also see this in the Win logs: New connections will no longer be accepted, then the failure comes
07:41whimboothats fine
07:41whimbooits before the restart
07:42FlorinMezeiah, ok :)
07:42whimbooso if we don't modify update.status all is fine
07:42whimboolet me play with other values
07:44whimbooFlorinMezei: can you please check if direct updates all work across platforms?
07:44FlorinMezeiwhimboo: I'll check all logs now and let you know
07:45whimbooFlorinMezei: no need to check the logs
07:45whimboojust click through the results
07:45whimbooand check the failure panel
07:46FlorinMezeiah true that :)
07:46whimbooacross platforms its only fallback
07:48FlorinMezeiwhimboo: all are Fallback failures - no Direct update failures
08:12whimbooFlorinMezei: can you please give me the link to the update results for 53.0b10?
08:20whimboocan repro with a debug build
08:20whimboobut still no interesting output
08:32whimbooFlorinMezei: seems to be a regression in Marioentte
08:32whimboonailing down the regression range now
08:33FlorinMezeiwow, sounds serious
08:35whimbooi could assume bug 1350887
08:35firebot FIXED, Fallback preferences are ignored
08:35whimboobut needs more testing
08:59whimbooFlorinMezei: k, i would forward this to andreas
09:00FlorinMezeiany chance we could get the tests working today?
09:00FlorinMezeiwhimboo: I see you've already needinfo'ed him
09:02whimbooFlorinMezei: no
09:02whimboobut direct updates are passing
09:02FlorinMezeiyes, I'll let release-drivers know of this and test the fallback update manually
09:11whimbooFlorinMezei: i have a fi
09:12FlorinMezeiI sa it in the bug - I'm not surprised :D
09:13FlorinMezeigoing to grab some lunch - back soon
09:13whimboostill not sure why this only affects fallbaack
09:26whimbooFlorinMezei: i asked tomcat to land on central and beta
09:26whimbooso it should appear soon
09:26whimboomeans you will have to modify the test package url to the newer changeset
09:32whimbooFlorinMezei: all done
09:32whimboonow you only have to wait for the builds
10:05FlorinMezeiwhimboo: your rock... as always
10:33FlorinMezeiwhimboo: seems to be working, just not for Fx 51 -
10:34FlorinMezeiI'm using test packages from Nightly as the Beta builds seem to be busted
10:51whimbooFlorinMezei: whta do you mean with beta builds are busted?
10:52FlorinMezeilooks like it's getting backed out
10:52FlorinMezeior something else is :)
10:52whimbooah i see
10:52whimbooyes, tomcat is fixing it
10:53FlorinMezeianyway it works with the Nightly builds, except for updates from Fx 51
10:53FlorinMezeiand our regular failures of course
10:58FlorinMezeithe failure for 51 is - where it seems implementation was to use the restart button only if Fx >= 52
10:58firebotBug 1317707 FIXED, Intermittent TestDirectUpdate.test_update | UnknownCommandException: acceptCon
11:09whimbooFlorinMezei: 51 is central - 4,
11:09whimbooits not compatible
11:09whimboowhen you are using test packages from 55
11:10FlorinMezeimakes sense... so it should work if we get Beta builds right?
11:10whimbooremember to never use test packages more than 3 releases out
11:10whimbooits not guaranteed to work at all
11:10whimbooexcept for esr
11:10whimbooto esr
11:10FlorinMezeiI remember that, just didn't think that this is 55 :)
11:11FlorinMezeiwill probably get the beta builds soon so I'll try with those
13:50gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo closed pull request #852: Primarily use TaskCluster to fetch build related artifacts (master...tc_release)
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13:56mkaplyerahm: Thanks. Now the question is if the error shows up in any of those logs...
14:00whimboomaja_zf: could we have our talk earlier?
14:00maja_zfwhimboo: yes
14:00whimboohow long would you need to be able to join?
14:01gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo merged master into staging:
14:01maja_zfwhimboo: 0 time
14:01whimboomaja_zf: wonderful. so lets start
14:03travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1071 (staging - ab77ecf : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
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14:06vladikoffwhimboo, `webdriver/geckodriver and Firefox are different projects` yea I wanted to check the compatibility. e.g we are currently locked to geckodriver 0.11.1 and Selenium 3.1.0 and it stopped working in FF53. So I'm on a journey to figure out what changed :)
14:23whimboovladikoff: why are you locked to 0.11.1?
14:24vladikoffwhimboo, in dependencies we specify the version, will need to update
14:24whimboovladikoff: but are there any broken or missing features which prevents you from using 0.15?
14:24whimboobtw. 0.16 will be released soon
14:25vladikoffwhimboo, it was broken i think, so I had to lock it
14:28vladikoffwhimboo, I was wondering if FF53 requires Selenium 3.3.1 or not
14:29whimboovladikoff: best you ask in #ateam. ato can answer your questions. or davehunt if he is around
14:29vladikoffwhimboo, thanks for all the help in the last couple of months :)
14:29whimbooyou are welcome
14:37gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo merged master into production:
14:42travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1072 (production - ab77ecf : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
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20:03maja_zfstandups: wrapped up code coverage investigation. I hope to spend far less time with one-click loaners next week.
20:03standupsOk, submitted #45062 for
22 Apr 2017
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