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20 Mar 2017
07:57aseem_yadavAbout to commit a change to mozreview, but want to make sure if it is added a new one
07:58aseem_yadav:AdityaM suggested a solution by squashing it
08:02aseem_yadavbut I am unsure if it can work, as some online articles are suggesting me to use "hg strip" command
08:10whimbooaseem_yadav: hello
08:11whimbooaseem_yadav: so you want to update an exiting mozreview commit series?
08:11aseem_yadavwell yes, because last time I tried the same thing
08:12aseem_yadavit was added to an already existing changeset
08:12whimboobasically you should combine follow-up changes to an existing one
08:12whimboounless the code you added, is about something else
08:13whimbooonly then a new commit is wanted
08:13aseem_yadavso you mean, I should "Pull" the changes and update the local repository
08:13aseem_yadavand then commit
08:13whimboono, you commit with --amend
08:13whimbooso changes are added to your last commit of the series
08:22whimbooaseem_yadav: does it make sense to you?
08:25aseem_yadavIt would have, if it worked
08:25aseem_yadavI think I am seeing the problem here, my changes are still in the Public phase
08:25whimboohave you created a bookmark for your work?
08:25aseem_yadavyes I did
08:26whimbooso run hg histedit
08:26whimboohow many commits do you see
08:28aseem_yadavfor the most recent revision number the operation is aborted
08:28aseem_yadavdisplaying that I have still some uncommitted changes
08:41whimbooright, if you feel happier just commit as usual
08:41whimbooyou can combine the changesets later with histedit
09:45whimboostandups: Due to failures in our fx-ui update tests i figured out that we may build mutliple aurora nightlies per day without any purpose. (bug 1348758)
09:45standupsOk, submitted #43903 for
09:45firebot NEW, Why do we build multiple Aurora nightly builds per day?
11:08whimbooaseem_yadav: were you doing the commit?
11:10aseem_yadavyes I was
11:10aseem_yadavbut it had no effect
11:10whimboono effect in terms of what
11:10whimbooyou should be able now to run hg histedit
11:14aseem_yadavdoing commit returned no error
11:15aseem_yadavbut running "hg histedit" back "abort:uncommitted changes"
11:15whimboohow did you run the commit
11:16aseem_yadavhg commit --amend with -m option
11:17whimbooand hg diff still shows changes?
11:18aseem_yadavit didn't ..but knowing that I might have messed up then I ran "hg update --check"
11:18aseem_yadavand made the changes again
11:19aseem_yadavhaven't committed those new changes again in order to figure out why am I facing such issues
11:23whimboomaybe it would be wise to create a new bookmark based on latest central
15:17whimboojaustinlam: hello!
15:18whimboojust a welcome again to the Mozilla project
15:18jaustinlamThank you. Excited to be here.
15:19whimboojaustinlam: so as you said you have experience in Python
15:19whimbooand learning Selenium
15:19jaustinlamYes I am eagerly looking to work my way to be a QA Tester somewhere someday.
15:20whimbooI would say the best option for you would be to join our work on Marionette which is the Firefox specific implementation of Webdriver
15:20jaustinlamI was hoping this would be a good way to get experience and contribute to a product I love.
15:21jaustinlamSounds good. in which ways can I best work on Marionette?
15:22whimboojaustinlam: i assume you haven't cloned the source of Firefox yet
15:22jaustinlamNot yet but I can.
15:23whimboojaustinlam: best if you check that document first
15:23whimbooit contains all the info you would need to get started with Marinoette
15:24jaustinlamOk great. I will do that.
15:26whimboojaustinlam: let me know if you have questions
15:27jaustinlamThank you.
15:37mhaouechwhimboo: Hello :)
15:39whimboomhaouech: hey! how are you
15:40mhaouechGreat thank you. and you?
15:42whimboomhaouech: I'm feeling good! Started to work on an interesting fix for Marionette
15:45mhaouechnice! so you work on several automation projects?
15:45whimbooyeah. I have a couple of differnt projects
15:46whimboobut priority has Marionette for me at the moment
15:50mhaouechgood luck :)
15:50whimbooi assume you have seen my comments on the mozdownload pr?
15:50mhaouechI just found your requested changes. I will start working on them right now
15:52mhaouechI had problems with windows on my machine, that's why I had trouble passing the appveyor tests. I managed to fix them now, but the coverage has decreased
15:53whimboosure. you added code which isn't tested yet
16:00mhaouechwhimboo: So I shouldn't worry about that for the moment?
16:01whimboothe coverage?
16:02whimboocorrect. just focus on the code right now. once it's in a state we can add tests, we shoudl do it
16:13mhaouechwhimboo: Ok, I am focusing on the code. I'll be in touch if I couldn't understand something
16:13mhaouechthank you for the help
17:22jaustinlamHi all I am setting up my environment to contribute. I set up my Mozillian profile but need to get vouched for. Do I need to complete a project before I can get vouched?
17:43jaustinlamAlso I am trying to install the Mozilla source code but it doesnt seem to be compatible with Visual Studio 2017. Is that correct?
18:01Aryxjaustinlam: yes, visual studio 2015 update 3 is the officially supported configuration. as far as i know, vs2017 isn't fully supported yet
18:02Aryxjaustinlam: for mozillians, depends who you ask. my recommendation: after you fixed two bugs (or did something else people appreciate, like triage bugs), ask the people involved (e.g. reviewers) for a vouch
21:10AutomatedTesterwhimboo: where do dump() messages go?
21:10whimbooAutomatedTester: just stdout
21:11whimbooas mentioned those will be removed for the final patch
21:11AutomatedTesterwhimboo: thats fine, I am just trying to see the output
21:12whimbooAutomatedTester: just pass in --gecko-log - -vv
21:12AutomatedTesterthank you!
21:12whimbooAutomatedTester: i could also make tbhose logger.debug() in case we want to leave those in
21:12whimbooor trace if that is possible
21:15whimbooAutomatedTester: i have a fix locally for the modal / tab modal dialog present before start_session
21:15AutomatedTesterwhimboo: cool, do we have a way to not have it pop up?
21:15whimbookinda easy to create tests for that actually
21:15whimboowe have to handle it
21:15whimbooand it make sense to handle
21:16whimbooas you will see in the tests I create
21:16AutomatedTesteras long as the default is to never have the thing pop up
21:16whimboocorrect, thats what we have
21:16whimboothis test is jsut special
21:16whimboobut it can also affect dialogs at runtime
21:17whimbooif a test uses delete_session and start_session
21:17whimboothat's what I use to test my patch
21:18whimbooAutomatedTester: oh and we seem to leak the current dialog observer
21 Mar 2017
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