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20 Apr 2017
07:31gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo opened pull request #850: Disable tests on Windows XP for mozilla-release (master...win_xp)
07:54davehunthey whimboo, sorry was on PTO.. having to build geckodriver was enough friction that I haven't tried it out yet, no
08:06whimboodavehunt: k. I landed it two days ago, but it was backed out yesterday
08:06whimbooso if you have/find the time I would appriciate
08:06davehuntI'll catch up with bugmail today
09:26gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo opened pull request #852: Primarily use TaskCluster to fetch build related artifacts (master...tc_release)
09:27whimboostandups: done with mozmill-ci work for now. Switching over to bug 1335778 and check why it caused those crashes on Windows 8 boxes
09:27standupsOk, submitted #44995 for
09:27firebot REOPENED, Make element#click command check for page load and wait
17:39mkaplyIs running a local ./mach test the same as running tests on our official builds? In particular, it appears that local tests don't use our official packages builds (against omni.ja). Even if you do ./mach package, the tests don't run against that.
17:39mkaplyIs there some way to run tests against a packaged build?
18:50erahmmkaply: I think we use mozharness or something in automation
19:48mkaplySo I guess the question is how do I run mozharness locally.
19:49mkaplyYeah, that looks crazy painful. I guess I'm better off pushing some extra logging to a try server?
20:47Silne30maja_zf|afk: whimboo To work on a mach command, is there a command I need to run to install the dependencies in my vm?
20:50mkaplyerahm: You still around?
20:50erahmmkaply: yeah
20:50Silne30Do I install mach at python/mach ?
20:50mkaplyerahm: what builds should I pick to recreate bug 1357219? I pushed some logging to an empty try
20:51firebot NEW, 4,400 instances of "'NS_FAILED(rv)'" emitted from dom/xhr/XMLHttpRequestMainThread.cpp during linux6
20:55erahmmkaply: browser chrome is the most verbose it looks like
20:56* mkaply shall figure this out
22:27vladikoffhey davehunt, do you know of any issues or updates that happened to webdriver in FF53
21 Apr 2017
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