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19 May 2017
11:19whimbooFlorinMezei: hi
11:19whimboocan you please instruct people to star test failures?
11:19whimbooit's annoying when this is not done
11:19whimbooand i have to ping whoever run the tests
11:20whimboowhich i honestly don't know anymore due to so many people can do it
11:41FlorinMezeisure thing, I normally do this
11:41FlorinMezeibut was away this morning
11:41whimbooFlorinMezei: i think its a good exercise to get this done by the person who runs the tests
11:42whimbooeveryone should be familiar with it
11:42whimbooalso in case when you are on PTO
11:43FlorinMezeiyes, that's why we have other people doing it now
11:43FlorinMezeiI'll be on vacation in 2 weeks :)
11:45whimbooso even more important then
11:48whimbooFlorinMezei: bug 1366173 is very suspicious
11:48firebot ASSIGNED, Mozmill-CI uses outdated test packages for Firefox ESR52 on Windows
11:50FlorinMezeiyeah, saw it
11:55whimbooFlorinMezei: i really wonder if only test packages are affected
11:55whimbooor even more
11:55FlorinMezeihope not
12:06whimbooFlorinMezei: i started also a conversation in #rd
12:07whimboostandups: found a discrepancy on the mozilla-esr52 branch which shows that some uplifted packages never appeared in the tree!? What?
12:10FlorinMezeihm, so basically the fix landed but wasn't picked up yet in the dot releases for esr?
12:12standupsOk, submitted #46382 for
12:18whimbooFlorinMezei: maybe we should allow those patches to get uplifted to relbranches
12:18FlorinMezeiit does make sense if it impacts the tests
12:18whimbooits annoying when when we carry those around while its actually fixed for a while
12:18whimbooFlorinMezei: it would be up to one of you then
12:19whimboowhenever a security release comes out
12:19whimbooor we live with it
12:19whimboousually we dont have more than a single sec release
12:20FlorinMezeiso what would need to be done?
12:20FlorinMezeiask to be included in the dot release?
12:37FlorinMezeigot it
12:37FlorinMezeiwill keep this in mind
15:01whimboomaja_zf|afk: are you around?
15:02whimbooif not I will do another meeting in the meetup
15:43whimbooAutomatedTester: hm do you know if Maja is not around today?
16:01AutomatedTesterwhimboo: she was around yesterday so might only be this afternoon
16:01whimboohm, k
16:01AutomatedTesterI know she was moving her off day to be split this week
16:02whimbook, given my absence I didn't get anything.
16:02whimbooso in wont wait for her today
18:01Silne30whimboo: Can you explain the difference between browser.open_window and browser.open_browser in Puppeteer?
18:09whimbooSilne30: check where those are defined
18:09whimbooopen_browser as it is named only opens a new browser window
18:12Silne30Open window opens any type of window then.
18:12Silne30Depending on the class you specify?
18:13whimboothe class is used to check if the correct window gets opened
18:13Silne30I see.
18:13Silne30Ok. I just need a new browser window.
18:38maja_zfwhimboo: hey whimboo, I decline our chitchat a few days ago
18:39whimboomaja_zf: i didn't get a notification
18:39whimbooonce again :/
18:39whimboolast time we agreed on just sending an email too. maybe for the future
18:39maja_zfhmm, not sure why that would be
18:40whimboomaja_zf: maybe try it in the Google calendar next time. it at least asks you if the change should be sent
18:40whimboomaybe your client doesnt support it
18:40whimbooor you just remove it from your copy of the event?
18:41maja_zfwhimboo: I declined the event in google calendar and it "notified guests"
18:42whimboovery strange
18:42whimbooanyway. all worked fine
18:42whimbooi hope you are doing well
18:43maja_zfwhimboo: yep, thanks :)
19:36whimboostandups: click+page load for Marionette just landed on beta. So it will be part of the next official beta release
19:36standupsOk, submitted #46393 for
20 May 2017
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