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18 May 2017
11:46whimbooFlorinMezei: so ondemand update tests today?
11:47FlorinMezeiwhimboo: yes, dot release
11:47whimboocan you let me know when you are done?
11:47FlorinMezeiwhimboo: I'm afraid it may take a while as we have 53.0.3 and esr
11:47FlorinMezeiI can let you know but it might be late
12:38whimbooFlorinMezei: i dont see that any tests are running. I will take offline one node per time only
12:38whimbooso it should not affect you
12:38whimbooi really hvae to update those machines
12:38whimboospecifically the Windows ones
13:06FlorinMezeiwhimboo: sorry was in a meeting... 1 node per time sounds safe enough
13:39whimboostandups: had to fix nightly tester tools to make it working with latest Firefox 55. The new release is up and available
13:39standupsOk, submitted #46330 for
14:44Silne30whimboo: I am working on the beta tests.
14:44Silne30And finding out why it fails.
14:44whimbooSilne30: what fails? I feel that I miss context
14:45Silne30Oh. You mentioned that the update tests on beta were failing because of the check_for_leaked_handles call.
19 May 2017
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