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17 May 2017
10:19whimbooFlorinMezei: so by tomorrow the windows update errors should be gone on central
10:19whimbooi will make sure to check that
10:31FlorinMezeiwhimboo: could I try the oak build to run some tests on beta.... would it work?
11:09whimbooFlorinMezei: no
11:09whimboobut maybe the second last oak nightly has athe fix
11:09whimbooso we could trigger some of our tests
11:10FlorinMezeimaybe not worth it then since it's in Nightly
11:10whimboojwell, for nightly we have to wait one more day
11:10whimbooonce the current oak nightly is done we could test it
11:12whimbooif funsize jobs for 87xxx is done we could test
11:12whimboootherwise we have to wait
12:39whimbooFlorinMezei: no updates today, right?
12:39FlorinMezeiwhimboo: nothing
18 May 2017
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