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17 Feb 2017
09:11FlorinMezeiwhimboo: hi... the testdaybot seems to no longer set the channel topic automatically... any idea why that would be?
09:11whimbooi haven't changed anything
09:12whimbooit is still running?
09:13whimbooi restarted it
09:14whimbooFlorinMezei: ^ let me know if that helped
09:15FlorinMezeiI think it should be fine now, thanks!
10:42whimboodavehunt: hey. do you have any knowledge of the Java bindings of Selenium and how to use insecure pages? see the question here
11:24atyagianybody online ?
13:21whimbooatyagi: you might want to wait a bit until you get replies
13:21whimboonot everyone is around all the time
13:22whimbooif you have questions for me just ask here
13:23atyagiyes, okay.
13:32whimbooatyagi: get_url() returns the current url but it's not the expected url
13:34atyagim sorry whimboo, but I'm not able to guess what's the correct variable to be printed with the error message?
13:40whimbooatyagi: what are you comparing in until()
13:42atyagithe current url of the page with the one that is for the new tab
13:42whimbooso which of those is the expected url
13:43whimbooright. and that is what you need for the message
13:45atyagithanks whimboo !
14:54AutomatedTesterwhimboo: ryanvm just told me that we sync beta to ESR52 automatically
14:54AutomatedTesteruntil we release
14:54whimbooyet, but what's after the release?
14:54whimboocan we still uplift our patches if needed to esr52?
14:56AutomatedTesterI am waiting for sylvestre to reply still
14:56whimbooAutomatedTester: looks like I wont be able to finsih my patch for backward/forward
14:57whimbooi need info from andreas but he doesn't seem to respond on irc
14:57whimbooi will upload whatI have
14:57whimbooand ask all on Bugzilla
14:57whimbooif urgent someone else has to pick it up
14:58whimboootherwise I will continue overnext Monday
17:16whimboostandups: done for today. will be back on Feb 27th... enjoy you all the time
17:16standupsOk, submitted #42593 for
18:59atyagihi whimboo, my patch seems to have failed some tests. Bug: 1336022, may I know what went wrong, if you're still here ?
20:18maja_zfstandups: i have a fun intermittent error with mouse events
20:18standupsOk, submitted #42604 for
20:19maja_zfitl ooks like this: given a pointermove-pointerdown-pointerup action, when the pointer hits coords (79,180) on its path, the mousedown and mouseup are recorded on the test page. yay.
20:23maja_zfbut if the pointer happens to cross coordinates (79,181) then I can see that events are synthesized by marionette as expected, but they don't get handled on the test page.
20:24maja_zfwhich is nowhere near any edge/border/limit of an element. something really dumb is happening, i bet.
20:29maja_zfohhhhh... wow, weird. i think i know what's going on. ha, debugging-by-talking-to-no-one works so well. =D
22:30maja_zfstandups: pointer actions for mouse and a proof-of-concept test up for rereview
22:30standupsOk, submitted #42617 for
18 Feb 2017
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