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16 May 2017
10:16travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1076 (master - ab77ecf : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
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13:44whimbooraajitr: hi
13:46raajitrSorry, was facing some issue that time. I accidently marked one review as obsolete.
13:46raajitrI'm talkin about Bug 1357372
13:46firebot FIXED, Restrict safebrowsing tests from reaching
13:51whimbooraajitr: correct. In the future lets make sure we solve it here
13:52whimboomarking mozreview commits as obsolete is a bit counter productive
13:52whimbooits ok for smaller patches, but a mess for huge ones
13:52whimbooso i pushed the fix and it will be merged to moyilla-central soon
13:52raajitrok i'll make sure next time onwards
14:00whimbooraajitr: lets chat on Thursday regarding a more challenging issue. is that fine?
14:00raajitryea sure
14:00raajitri'll ping you on thursday
15:49whimbooFlorinMezei: hi
15:49whimbooso i see that we run b8 update tests
15:49whimbooi assume those will fnish today?
15:49whimbooi have to update winows boxes for the wanna cry fix
15:49FlorinMezeiwhimboo: in a few minutes yes
15:49FlorinMezeiI'll let you know
15:49whimboowhen will the next updates happen
15:50whimbooend of the week?
15:58FlorinMezeiwhimboo: done with b8... next updates should be on Friday
15:58FlorinMezeiif we don't get a dot release
15:58FlorinMezeiwhich appears to be a possibility
15:58FlorinMezeibut I have no other details
16:00whimbooFlorinMezei: k, how did it work with failures this time_
16:01FlorinMezeinothing changed it seems
16:01FlorinMezeifew failures on beta-cdntest, many more on beta
16:01FlorinMezeias usual
16:05whimbooso hopefully the patch lands soon
16:06whimboowe might have to test on oak
16:41FlorinMezeiI can try the patch tomorrow I think
17 May 2017
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