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16 Mar 2017
09:36mhaouechwhimboo: Hello :)
10:25whimboomhaouech: hi!
10:27mhaouechwhimboo: How are you?
10:42whimboogood. just came back from a very beautiful and sunny run
10:46whimbooand now lunch. bbiab
10:47mhaouechNice. have a good meal
11:22whimboomhaouech: i have seen that you have still issues with the PR
11:23whimbooi will try to have a look at it later today
11:24mhaouechwhimboo: Ok thanks
11:25mhaouechjust note that when I run tox I get no errors, but after I commit I get errors in remote/
11:41whimboomhaouech: what do you mean with commit
11:41whimboowhen tests are run in travis?
12:04whimbooFlorinMezei: hi. i just noticed a configuration failure in the ondemand config
12:04whimboofor macos 10.9 no platform is specified
12:04whimbooas such no tests are getting triggered
12:05FlorinMezeiwhimboo: for what tests?
12:05FlorinMezeiI mean what Firefox version
12:05whimbooor scratch that. it may have been an older config
12:06whimbooFlorinMezei: a solution for your problem is close
12:06whimbooi will push it to staging today
12:06FlorinMezeigood to hear :)
12:06whimboothere were different issues
12:17whimbooAutomatedTester: hi david. I need someone to review the mozmill-ci changes. would you have time for?
12:20gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo opened pull request #846: Fix ondemand trigger script for getting target build information (master...taskcluster)
12:30whimbooAutomatedTester: ^ tests passed
12:32AutomatedTesterwhimboo: r+
12:32* whimboo likes working from the balcony
12:33whimboowarm and sunshine in the face
12:33gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo pushed 3 new commits to master:
12:33gitbotmozmill-ci/master af31eb0 Henrik Skupin: Update dependency for mozdownload from 1.21 to 1.22 (#828)
12:33gitbotmozmill-ci/master 2c9fc32 Henrik Skupin: Ensure to query the target build details for the specified platform and not the current one (#828)
12:33gitbotmozmill-ci/master 3d159e2 Henrik Skupin: Fix retrieving the target build details by querying Taskcluster first (#828)
12:34whimbooFlorinMezei: i will push to staging soon. can you do some try runs?
12:34FlorinMezeiwhimboo: I can yes
12:35travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1056 (master - 3d159e2 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
12:35travis-ciChange view :
12:35travis-ciBuild details :
12:36gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo merged master into staging:
12:38travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1057 (staging - 3d159e2 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
12:38travis-ciChange view :
12:38travis-ciBuild details :
13:09whimbooFlorinMezei: k, you can run some ondemand updates on staging now
13:20gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo opened pull request #848: Fix usage of taskcluster queue after upgrade to 1.2.0 (#847) (master...bustage)
13:21whimbooAutomatedTester: i introduced a regression. mind doing a quick follow-up review? ^
13:23gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo pushed 1 new commit to master:
13:23gitbotmozmill-ci/master 70eab18 Henrik Skupin: Fix usage of taskcluster queue after upgrade to 1.2.0 (#847)
13:23whimbooAutomatedTester: quick! thnaks
13:24whimboothis should be all for mozmill-ci now
13:25gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo merged master into staging:
13:27travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1059 (master - 70eab18 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
13:27travis-ciChange view :
13:27travis-ciBuild details :
13:28travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1060 (staging - 70eab18 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
13:28travis-ciChange view :
13:28travis-ciBuild details :
14:04FlorinMezeiwhimboo: was in a meeting, will kick off update tests on staging for 53 Beta 3 on the beta channel
14:06FlorinMezeiwhimboo: in the mean time if you have some time could you restart the TestDayBot please?
14:10FlorinMezeitests started for 52 Beta 2 (not Beta 3, as that's tomorrow)
14:13whimbooFlorinMezei: is it down again?
14:13FlorinMezeiseems to be up but without rights to set the topic
14:14FlorinMezeiupdate test results are here:
14:14FlorinMezeiin progress
14:28whimbooFlorinMezei: you pushed a full config? oh!
14:28mhaouechwhimboo: I meant when ran by appveyor. the tests passed by travis
14:28FlorinMezeiyeah maybe a bit to enthusiatic there... sorry :)
14:29FlorinMezeiit does look great though
14:29whimbooFlorinMezei: bot restarted
14:29whimbooalso good to hear aobut results for update tests so far
14:30whimbooAutomatedTester: adding support for taskcluster in mozdownload might actually be not that hard could stay like it is, and we add a new module for handling different sources
14:31whimbooand first try taskcluster, and if nothign found fallback to scraper
15:14whimbooFlorinMezei: so can we deploy to production?
15:32FlorinMezeiwhimboo: yes
15:32FlorinMezeisorry... meetings everywhere
15:33whimbooi will do the push now
15:33gitbot[mozmill-ci] whimboo merged master into production:
15:36travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1061 (production - 70eab18 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
15:36travis-ciChange view :
15:36travis-ciBuild details :
15:43whimboostandups: work on mozmill-ci is done. Back to Marionette bugs now
15:43standupsOk, submitted #43809 for
17 Mar 2017
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