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15 Mar 2017
13:29whimboomaja_zf: midn going a week forward in the calendar?
13:29whimbooyour entries are still there
13:29whimboofor all weeks in the future
13:31maja_zfwhimboo: my entries? oh, from mozauto calendar.
13:31maja_zfwhimboo: I see that you've declined all the wednesday chitchats... intentional?
13:32whimboono, not sure why that happened
13:34whimboofixed that
13:36whimboonow the calendar looks fine to me
13:37whimbooand sorry for spamming your inbox :)
13:37maja_zfwhimboo: no problem :)
13:37whimboostandups: looks like I'm close to be ready for having a final patch for refresh() in Marionette. Going to add more tests
13:37standupsOk, submitted #43737 for
13:40whimboomaja_zf: midn reviewing a small mozdownload patch?
13:40maja_zfwhimboo: nope
13:40whimbooi have to get a release out
13:58travis-cimozilla/mozdownload#675 (master - b048d9b : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
13:58travis-ciChange view :
13:58travis-ciBuild details :
16:16AutomatedTesterwhimboo: var log=function(a){console.log(a)},events=[];for(var i in document.body)i.startsWith('on')&&events.push(i.substr(2));events.forEach(function(a){document.body.addEventListener(a,log)});
17:38travis-cimozilla/mozdownload#676 (1.22 - 3c9fa39 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
17:38travis-ciChange view :
17:38travis-ciBuild details :
18:55travis-cimozilla/mozdownload#677 (1.22 - b048d9b : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
18:55travis-ciChange view :
18:55travis-ciBuild details :
20:47AutomatedTestermaja_zf: hey, do I remember you creating xpcshell tests for actions?
20:47AutomatedTesterif so, how do I run them?
21:14maja_zfAutomatedTester: whoops, missed this. ./mach xpcshell-tests testing/marionette/test_actions.js
21:14maja_zfthere may be more or fewer s's in various places :)
21:23whimbooAutomatedTester: i think beside set window rect we also need get window rect?
21:24AutomatedTesterwhimboo: yea
21:24whimbook, just updating the MDN doc
21:25AutomatedTesterwow... xpcshell is crap
21:26whimbooAutomatedTester: do you want this in two separate bugs or can we cover that in one?
21:26AutomatedTesterwhimboo: do it in 1
21:26whimboobecuase you only mentioned set window endpoint
21:26AutomatedTesterwhimboo: I will fix it tomrrow
21:27whimbooAutomatedTester: already done
21:32whimbooAutomatedTester: rust training will most likely be mid of May
21:33AutomatedTesterok cool
21:44whimbooAutomatedTester: re mozmill-ci... nothing to do beside updating the mozdownload depencency!
21:54whimboointeresting. we have a discrepancy for linux
21:54whimboomozmill-ci finds the same target build id as on Wndows and MacOS
21:58AutomatedTestermaja_zf: thanks for the review
21:58AutomatedTesterI need to see if xpcshell tests pass on try
21:58AutomatedTestergetting a weird error locally
21:58whimbooAutomatedTester: i think releng has broken behavior not us!
21:58maja_zf(I don't think they will)
21:59maja_zf^ AutomatedTester
21:59AutomatedTestermaja_zf: oh?
21:59maja_zfAutomatedTester: see issue. it's minor.
21:59maja_zfgave r+wc
22:00AutomatedTestermaja_zf: aha
22:00AutomatedTesterthe error message didnt suggest that
22:00* AutomatedTester shakes his fist
22:00maja_zfyeah :(
22:02AutomatedTestermaja_zf: "LOG: Thread-1 ERROR InvalidArgumentError: Expected 'x' ([object String] "a") to be an Integer at chrome://marionette/content/error.js:161"
22:02AutomatedTesterthats what I get
22:02AutomatedTesterand then a stack
22:02AutomatedTesterpile of poo
22:06maja_zfstandups: squeezed in a little fix I had lying around for Bug 1322993, before I go. Out tomorrow, in sessions on Friday. See y'all on Monday.
22:06standupsOk, submitted #43774 for
22:06firebot NEW, Intermittent TestProtocol2Errors.test_known_error_status | OSError: [Errno 2] No
22:07AutomatedTestermaja_zf|afk: have a good time!
22:13whimbooAutomatedTester: doh, we indeed query for tinderbox builds with mozdownload for ondemand update tests :/
22:14whimboowhich means we are affected bz the taskcluster builds
22:16whimboowhereby we do not do it via but treeherder
22:17whimbooso we should be fine
22:18whimboobut so far we only look for buildbot builds as it looks like.
22:18whimbooso lets see
22:25AutomatedTestermaja_zf|afk: solved it
23:45whimboostandups: using taskcluster to query for build artifacts is so nice! I want to get rid of everything else
23:45standupsOk, submitted #43777 for
16 Mar 2017
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