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15 Feb 2017
04:14maja_zfstandups: that feeling when you write a long complicated thing, then test it, and it works on the first try. "holy crap!" -- I implemented moving pointers. Look at them go!
04:14standupsOk, submitted #42452 for
09:47whimboomaja_zf|afk: no. sadly not. I think for today i will focus again on the window checks. I want to get this patch landed
09:48whimbooAutomatedTester: do you have the password for the mozmill-ci list - admin interface - somewhere? Looks like with my transition I lost it somewhere
11:24AutomatedTesterwhimboo: I dont think so
11:26whimbook, will ask maja_zf|afk then
12:10AutomatedTesterwhimboo: can we move the firefox-ui tests platform by platform to TC
12:10whimbooAutomatedTester: not yet, but with a change to mozmill-ci we could, yes
12:11AutomatedTesterwhimboo: do you have a sense for how much work that would be
12:11whimbooAutomatedTester: first we should get rid of jenkins
12:11whimboowhich means allowing SV to trigger ondemand update tests via a custom web url
12:12whimboothen we could send requests for teest jobs to TC
12:12AutomatedTesterwhimboo: hmmm... I wonder if we could put that url in shipit
12:12AutomatedTesterits being rewrittne
12:13whimboobetter have an API point for it
12:13AutomatedTestersure, my point is we can have it there
12:13whimboosure. but someone has to define the configs still manuallz
12:14AutomatedTesterthat feels like we could put it into shipit as well
12:14AutomatedTesterthe new shipit is going to have lots of bells and whistles
12:14whimboowohooo magic :>
12:15whimbooAutomatedTester: the problem with tc is when you submit jobs from outside the tree
12:15AutomatedTesterwhimboo: I being asked about what we need to do to move out of SCL3
12:15whimbooit means if changes occur inside the tree, all can be busted
12:16whimbooso my preferred solution is to get triggering into the Nightly taskgraph
12:16AutomatedTesterwhimboo: that is coming and will be there in ~Q3 (according to the grapevine)
12:16whimbooyes, i know
12:16whimboogiven that we have nighlties for central and aurora on Linux now, we could do it for those platforms already
12:18whimbooonly update tests on aurora are the problem
12:18whimbooafter the merge the channel has to be changed
12:18whimboofor a couple of days
12:18whimboootherwise we will expect lots of failing tests
12:18AutomatedTesterignoring update tests, just functional tests
12:19whimbook, which then comes back to our migration to marionette jobs
12:19whimboowe might stop running them for a while :)
12:19whimbooand would have to built up new infra via TC
14:00whimbooAutomatedTester: just a minute please
15:48maja_zfwhimboo: i don't seem to have that password anywhere
15:52whimboodavehunt: maybe you still have the password for ?
16:01AutomatedTesterwhimboo: maja_zf start without me, I am running late
16:38whimbooAutomatedTester: we are done now. so no need anzmore to hurry up
16:38AutomatedTestersorry I missed it :/
16:40maja_zfno worries
17:34davehuntwhimboo: I do
19:32whimboodavehunt: thanks a lot!
20:01davehuntwhimboo: np
21:48whimboostandups: buh for bug 1315611 which seems to block my valid window check patch to get landed.
21:48standupsOk, submitted #42507 for
21:48firebot NEW, Ignore GFX sanity check window during startup of Firefox
21:48whimbooi call it a day. see you tomorrow
22:07maja_zfAutomatedTester: hey are you still around?
22:07AutomatedTestermaja_zf: yea
22:09maja_zfAutomatedTester: the notion of global key state got removed from the spec: -- but I think we actually need it to set event properties like altKey on MousEevent. was this discussed at all? am I missing something?
22:09maja_zfIf I do actually need it, I'll just raise an issue
22:09maja_zfbut wondering if you know something i don't
23:00AutomatedTestermaja_zf|afk: it was done in
16 Feb 2017
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