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14 Jul 2017
12:17whimbooFlorinMezei: hi
12:24FlorinMezeiwhimboo: hi
12:29whimbooFlorinMezei: i just found
12:29firebotBug 1380991 NEW, Tab crash indicator is only shown for the currently selected tab but not for others of the same cont
12:29whimboowhich i find very odd
12:29whimboonot sure if that is a regression in 56 or already in 55
12:31FlorinMezeihm interesting
12:31FlorinMezeiI haven't heard of anything like this
12:33whimbooi'm fairly sure we should it for every tab
12:33whimbooand i would also expect it so
12:33whimboogiven the reasons I mentioned on the bug
12:33whimbooi for myself didnt notice that I was disconnected from IRC for about 2h
15 Jul 2017
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