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14 Feb 2017
10:09travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1029 (master - 950d6a4 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
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11:43whimboogreat. poured some tea over my external keyboard and now I have some dead keys
11:43whimboolets hope it will work again later when it is dry
12:19mhaouechwhimboo: Hello, how are you?
12:21whimboomhaouech: hello. I'm fine... given that it's so sunny outside
12:22mhaouechgood for you, it's the opposite here
12:35whimboowhere are you based_
12:35mhaouechI'm in Paris area
12:36mhaouechyou're in UK or Ireland I suppose
12:40whimboomhaouech: no. Germany. Hm did I mention GMT last time? Sorry... :>
12:46whimboomhaouech: where you able to get some changes done yesterday for your PR?
12:46mhaouechwhimboo: Yes, I managed to solve the problems. Now when I run tox there are no errors
12:48whimboomeans you can not download the checksum file?
12:50mhaouechI think I don't understand, but I can download the checksum files for every scraper now
12:50mhaouechif that's what you mean
13:07whimboomhaouech: sorry. was meant to be now and not not
13:08whimboothat sounds great
13:14mhaouechno problem, so I think now we must deal with the tests? or there's something else
13:24whimboomhaouech: i havent had a look at the code. if you want that please always add a comment on the PR
13:24whimbooif you don't have tests yet, those will have to be added, yes
14:28mhaouechwhimboo: should I add the automated tests before i make a PR?
14:29whimbooautomated tests are always welcome
14:29whimbooyou can find other potential issues
14:30mhaouechokey, I will try to create the tests and then I'll make a PR so you can review the code
14:33whimbooif you want early feedback don't hesitate to ask too
14:34mhaouechit would be nice if you give some guidelines on where to start to make the tests
15:23whimboomhaouech: you may want to have a look into the tests subfolder
15:23whimbooand check some existent tests
15:24whimboostandups: i hate it when I'm totally stuck on something and nothing - absolute nothing - clears up the fog :(
15:24standupsOk, submitted #42421 for
15:39maja_zfwhimboo: that means you'll soon learn something new :)
15:39maja_zfwhimboo: although I hear you, I hate that feeling too.
15:40whimboomaja_zf: depends on teh definition of soon
15:40whimboonothing is really obvious right now
22:44maja_zfhope your mystery looks a little clearer now whimboo
22:45maja_zfstandups: wrapped up intern interview stuff today, some reviews, some more progress with pointer actions. will be back later tonight to continue on that
22:45standupsOk, submitted #42442 for
22:46maja_zfstandups: also heard from vakila today. check out her blog post about fosdem on the ateam planet
22:46standupsOk, submitted #42443 for
15 Feb 2017
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