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13 Jul 2017
12:49whimboodavehunt: hey, regarding selenium conf... when is a good time to signup for? as early as possible?
12:49davehuntwhimboo: The tickets usually sell out, so the sooner the better I'd say
12:51whimboodavehunt: k, so I have to buy myself first and expense or does Mozilla buy it directly_
12:51whimbooits not that cheap
12:52davehuntI'm not sure, perhaps ask AutomatedTester. I got mine free as a committer to the Selenium project.
12:53whimbooI see. will ask him then. not sure how geckodriver falls into this or not
12:54davehuntYeah, he might be able to work something out
17:35Silne30whimboo: Hey, man. I have a question about the repeat function in tests. When you repeat tests using marionette-harness, are there any values that are cached between tests?
17:37whimboowell, depends on your test and tearDwon
17:37whimbooif you don't reset everything to the state before you might seen unexpected behavior
17:39Silne30whimboo: Gotcha. I am using the HttpFixture server as you know to catch pings. When I repeat the test, the ping from the previous test is left over in self.ping_list
17:41Silne30whimboo: So I am investigating if the problem is in ping_list or something being cached in the actual server.
17:41Silne30Like the GET request being cached from the previous test.
18:10Silne30whimboo: Do you and your team have some kind of weekly meeting to discuss marionette/puppeteer features that I may sit in on?
19:28whimbooSilne30: puppeteer is not really covered at the moment
19:31Silne30whimboo: What about marionette?
19:31whimboowe have a status meeting, yes. our priorities are centric around webdriver spec right now
19:37Silne30whimboo: Gotcha.
20:44Silne30whimboo: I landed a few changes to that I will need to rebase my current taskcluster patch with. I will also fix the little nits that you mentioned.
14 Jul 2017
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