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13 Feb 2017
10:53mhaouechwhimboo: Hello :)
11:15whimboomhaouech: oh hi!
11:15whimboohow are you?
11:24whimbooAutomatedTester: so update tests are restored for linux on central, and will be for aurora later toda
11:24whimboonothing I would have to fix
11:24whimbooits all on releng side
11:25mhaouechwhimboo: I'm good thanks
11:26mhaouechSorry I've been really busy with exams last month
11:26whimboono worries for that!
11:26mhaouechBut I made some progress on the hash fix
11:26whimbooi hope they all went well
11:26mhaouechYes, hopefully
11:27mhaouechI am free this week so I really wish to work on the issue as much as we can
11:27whimboothat sounds great
11:28mhaouechIn fact, I couldn't find you here on IRC after class. Can I send you emails if we cannot talk here?
11:29whimbooi'm here through all the day GMT time
11:29whimbooweekdays that is
11:29mhaouechfrom 9am to 5pm ?
11:30whimboono fixed times. i have a break in-between. so also from ~8-10pm
11:31mhaouechGood, I am in the GMT+1 timezone, so it's perfect
11:32whimbooindeed. so just send your question along
11:32mhaouechTo give you an update, I had a problem with tox testing, there was an error that is related to one of the automated tests already built
11:33whimboomhaouech: i would suggeset that you pull latest central
11:33whimboobefore continuing any work
11:33whimboowe have made some changes in the meantime
11:33mhaouechI've been working on it all weekend and I figured out what caused the problem
11:33mhaouechYes, actually I made it before continuing to work
11:34mhaouechI noticed some changes in the coverage test
11:34whimboonice. so it was caused by your patch?
11:34whimbooor something unrelated?
11:34mhaouechI had a problem with pylama but after I made the latest pull, it was fixed
11:35mhaouechbut my patch caused another problem and it was a bug in the try scraper
11:35whimbooif its another problem please file a separate issue
11:36whimbooand supply a PR for. I would appreciate
11:36mhaouechI didn't override some functions that I built in the main scraper
11:36mhaouechI think it's my fault, so I am correcting it, if I encounter another unrelated problem I will file a report of course
11:38mhaouechI don't know how to manage the try scraper
11:39mhaouechthere are many folders related to the try scraper on the server, how do I get the corresponding checksum file?
11:44whimboothe checksum file is always in teh same folder as the build to download
11:45whimbooso self.path should be the path to it
11:46whimboothis is how we build the url
11:46whimbooso you will also have to take the self.binary into account
11:46whimboomaybe best to use self.url and do replacements ->
11:48whimboosimilar for other platforms
11:54mhaouechOk I got it
11:55mhaouechI'll fix it and come back
11:55mhaouechwhimboo: thanks
14:16whimboodavehunt: i think that I will borrow for marionette unit tests
14:16whimbooits signed, right?
14:17davehuntwhimboo: yup
14:27AutomatedTesterwhimboo: the machines/vms in SCL3 are all update testing?
14:28whimbooAutomatedTester: and functional tests
14:28AutomatedTesterand there are 40+ machines/vms ?
14:28whimboowe have 4 per platform
14:28AutomatedTesterthat works out then
14:28AutomatedTesterthank you
14:29AutomatedTesterwhimboo: what functional tests?
14:29whimbooall under testing/firefox-ui/tests/functional
14:29whimboossl, private browsing, session restore
14:30AutomatedTesterahh... these are the ones waiting for more TC platforms?
14:30whimboowell all of our tests actually
14:30whimbooif tc covers all we could also move out our update tests
14:43AutomatedTesterdavehunt: looks like that windows only disable for window frame switching can be removed
14:43AutomatedTesterbug 1078237
14:43firebot NEW, Intermittent TestSwitchFrame.test_should_be_able_to_carry_on_working_if_the_fra
15:08davehuntAutomatedTester: nice
15:32whimbooand it landed
14 Feb 2017
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