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11 Sep 2017
07:28whimboostandups: it's Monday and intermittent bug reports are filling up my inbox again. lets get through those 90 threads...
07:28standupsOk, submitted #50729 for
09:00whimbooFlorinMezei|2: fyi... gievn that update tests are enabled you or someone has to check the results on mc
09:00whimboothere is trouble
09:03FlorinMezei|2whimboo: indeed we'd need to monitor those if we are to use them for Beta 56
09:04FlorinMezei|2what would be the process for reporting issues and getting them fixed on Nightly?
09:04FlorinMezei|2same as Beta?
09:07whimbooFlorinMezei|2: yes, but someone is needed to fix issues
09:07whimbooespecially this one
09:07whimboonot sure if that is 57 only
09:08FlorinMezei|2so who should I CC on the bugs?
09:08FlorinMezei|2do you know?
09:08whimbooas best talk to ddust, then we can figure out
14:12whimboomaja_zf: hi. did you get my email?
14:13* maja_zf looks
14:13whimbooif we want to have a chit chat then now or later as usual
14:13maja_zfwhimboo: now?
14:16whimboomaja_zf: i'm waiting :)
14:24maja_zfI wonder what the relationship is with
14:24firebotBug 1341466 NEW, Android marionette test jobs do not retry when emulator becomes unresponsive
14:29whimbooi will have a look later
12 Sep 2017
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